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Remove The Veil EP

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Band: Remove The Veil
Title: Remove The Veil (EP)
Release Date: 2006
Review By: Josh IVM


01. Rye Chaw
02. BBQ
03. Storm’s A-Brewin
04. I Kiss My Sweetie With My Fist
05. The Client Is Always Wrong
06. The Stretch
07. How To Jump A Ravine On Your Bicycle Comma Bobby

Yet another band to recently be picked up by the ever-growing roster at Facedown Records, Remove The Veil formed in early 2005 in Alabama and have been rockin’ ever since. The name “Remove The Veil” is taken from II Corinthians 3:14 and the band does not hide their purpose. They truly feel the band is there to show kids that “you can be a Christian and still have fun”. They showcase a formidable blend of Southern rock, hardcore, and a bit of metal. Not in the same way as Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster though. Instead, RTV throws around a faster, upbeat pace, as well as plenty of spastic moments. There is more than a handful of danceable breakdowns included as well, which thankfully blend well and do not feel forced. The majority of the tracks are led by Southern rock influenced guitar licks. The guitar work is kept things interesting, continuously switching from quick fingerwork to driving rhythms. They provide plenty of variety to keep the listener interested. Mark’s vocals are raspy and are of medium in range, not too high-pitched or too deep. A highlight is the solid background vocals, which are sung, and I highly recommend utilizing them more on the new disc.

The recording itself is good for independent release but definitely could be improved upon. Some of the mix should be tweaked, especially in the low end. Despite the flaws, the album is more than listenable. The best part of this album/band, is that you can tell that they do not have to stick with the Southern sound. They could progress out of it, if needed or desired, for more of a straight-forward spastic hardcore sound.

Overall Rating: At times this band sounds like older Showbread when they were independent. Remove The Veil is band you should keep your eye on down the road and should do quite well on Facedown!

Standout Tracks: “How To Jump A Ravine On Your Bicycle Comma Bobby”, “Storm’s A-Brewin”

Recommendation: Borrow From A Friend First


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