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Redfoot - Winnowing Fork

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Artist: Redfoot
Album: Winnowing Fork
Label: Bad Apple Records
Release Date: November 30, 3007
Review by: Eric Pettersson

1. Red Horizon
2. Ballad of Thomas Lynch
3. Country Mile
4. Literally
5. From Dirt, with Praise
6. Hardin Springs
7. Digital Jesus
8. Of Icarus and Petroleum
9. Love in Kodak Quality Prints
10. The Truth
11. For John Charles Carter
12. Run, Longest

Some reviews are really hard to write. This is not one of them. Brandon, I want to thank you personally for sending me this CD. Over the past year or so, I’ve gotten really into the folk/Americana feel, and this band from western Kentucky pulls it off splendidly. The guy’s voice is good but nothing fancy, which is what you want for this style of music (although at times he does sound oddly reminiscent of REM). The music itself (comprised mostly of acoustic guitars, a bass, and drums, with the occasional harmonica, etc) is exactly fit for a backyard barbeque or a long drive along some country roads. But while folk music is just plain good music, it is typically also seen as more of a medium for a message than as a piece of entertainment. Folk exists to tell a story and make a point, which Redfoot seems to understand through songs like “Digital Jesus,” which warns of those who would use Jesus name in vein (to make money) or water Him down and sell Him out to the culture, or the powerful “From Dirt, with Praise,” which humbly sings to God about being less pure than the rest of Creation. An electric guitar is laced into “Literally” for an edgier feel on this track about judgementalism and the dangers of harsh, strict doctrine (seemingly a common theme among bands on this webzine). Other tracks speak out against other evils, while still others share tales of personal reflection and confession. For those starting to wonder about the similarities, no, it does not compare to Derek Webb’s Mockingbird, but I don’t think it’s supposed to. He’s more singer/songwriter, while this is definitely a whole band effort. Redfoot have their own style and do their own thing, and I must say they do it wonderfully.


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