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Raining and OK - Always Will Be (EP)

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Artist: Raining and OK
Album: Always Will Be
Label: N/A
Release Date: March 17, 2009
Reviewer: Scott L

1. The Loveless (True Love)
2. Shadows
3. Always Will Be
4. Empty Handed
5. The Night

Wow!! (I was tempted to end the review right there… but I didn’t want to set any more precedents for tyler h.) Let me start off by saying that there’s a huge difference between a release that could make a ripple in the market and one that has the potential to literally hew out a niche for the artist. While I enjoyed Raining and OK’s first CD, The Devil On Your Shoulder quite a bit, this 5-song EP which is set to be released March 17th upon the unsuspecting masses, is a monumental step forward in every respect. It also has the potential to attract major label interest and make these guys a household name. It really is that good.

Beautifully crafted from start to finish, the music reveals a new depth of maturity as well as ability. Stylistically, Always Will Be reminds me a lot of the ethereal rock of bands like Moments In Grace and Turn Off The Stars. Although a little more catchy. This EP is somewhat a departure from the style of The Devil On Your Shoulder but that’s not to say that these guys are gonna leave any of their fans hanging in the balance wondering whether or not to jump ship. They knew exactly what they wanted to go after with this release and they nailed it. As far as I’m concerned, they did everything right… especially the little things. There are subtle flourishes that you really have to listen for but that help to give the music a life of it’s own. With a touch of Weaver At The Loom, a touch of The Verve, and maybe even a touch of The Beatles… it’s hard not to get drawn into the music. And once you’re in… you may as well surrender.

Obviously picking a standout track was not an easy task for me. I guess if I had to pick one, it would be track two, “Shadows.” This song really spoke to me both musically and lyrically… and is just an all around awesome song.

“I’m an old soul in a complex mindI’m a young heart that’s been compromisedWhen I felt alone in a bitter coldYou were there right by my side and you told meYou are, you are a work of artYou’re a masterpiece you’re hiding in the dark”

This is hands down one of the best CDs I’ve come across in a long time and I can say with full assurance that this EP will be one of my top ten for 2009. I know it’s still early, but it really is that good. My only complaint… it’s only five songs. Just enough to let you know you’re hungry for more. This EP is available for pre-order over at Smartpunk… so run… run like the wind…

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