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Punk for the Gospel Benefit Compilation

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Band: Various Artists
Title: Punk for The Gospel Benefit Compilation
Label: Thumper Punk Records
Release Date: September 2012
Reviewer: Jessica Cooper

Vol. 1 Track Listing:

  1. This City – The Old Timers
  2. Saved! – INFIRMITIES
  3. White Washed Tomb – Hippos of Doom
  4. Homeland Insecurity – Dogwood
  5. The Revolt is Forming – The Lonely Revolts
  6. Smoke Blower – Flatfoot 56
  7. Soul Miner – Call To Glory
  8. Life Free or Die – Platoon 1107
  9. Slow Regret – Grace & Thieves
  10. Jesus is Punk Rock – Unshackled
  11. Die to Self – The Hoax
  12. Fear – Don’t Get Bored
  13. At War With Myself – Gorilla Warfare
  14. Cry Baby – Government Hate Mail
  15. Don’t Kill You – Lust Control
  16. Drive thru Amerika – uniSEF
  17. Bystanders – The Social Threat
  18. Hold On – The Altar Billies
  19. Swing Low, Sweetheart – The Scurvies
  20. Pedestal – Mason Summers
  21. I Wanna Be A Kennedy – The Shiny Darks

Vol. 2 Track Listing:

  1. Marked for Life – True Liberty
  2. Retaliate – False Idle
  3. Blind Eye – The WAY
  4. Nancy Don’t Fall Asleep – The Deal
  5. Haunted House – Grave Robber
  6. Looking Past – Jump Quick Ship
  7. Relentless Leathernecks – ABSOLVED
  8. Skate and Smile – The Smiley Kids
  9. Clean Face in a Dirty Place – The Kings Kids
  10. Deserts and Wastelands – Saint Hooligan
  11. Restart – Praiser
  12. It’s Up To Me – Vincible
  13. We Lament The Death Of God In The Heart Of Man – 100 Philistine Foreskins
  14. Circle of Power – Empty Tomb
  15. Blood, Sweat & Circle Pits – Desiring Dead Flesh
  16. Bound for Glory – Revolution Radio
  17. Evidente – Metanoia
  18. Last Words – Covenant
  19. The Insidious Lie – Craig’s Brother
  20. The Ballad of Tatty Higgins – Goodnight Wednesday
  21. Lifeguard – 180 OUT

Of the 42 tracks, 19 are either new recordings, newly released, or previously unreleased, including songs from The WAY, False Idle, and The Deal, whom we’ve not heard from in 8 years. The important thing to remember is, though it’s the collaborative result of Christian musicians, producers, and community, this release is for anyone and everyone who believes in a greater good, not necessarily being God. It’s a collection that caters to the interest of those who enjoy energetic, charging music that amps up its audience. What you get from the lyrics or overall message is left to your own judgment, but you can’t argue with this being a quality collection of music.

The cool thing about production value when it comes to punk music is that it sounds good in raw, polished, or live form, so with this mixture of songs, there is an undeniable clutch on the attention of its audience. The arrangement of the tracks seems to be pretty strategic, too, which is great if you’re a lover of organization like me. It starts off with the right amount of energy in the first listing on Volume 1, “This City” by The Old Timers, setting the tone and kicking off the show, directing the path for the rest of the songs to follow. And goodness gracious, can I say how excited I am that Flatfoot 56 is on this? And what better choice than “Smoke Blower” because let’s be honest…bagpipes are awesome. It would’ve been nice to see something from Icon For Hire or Squad Five-O, but I can’t complain. Grave Robber’s “Haunted House” was a nice addition to the pile(on) as well.

Overall: The world of punk is so versatile and eclectic, able to diversify itself with elements of horror, melodic sound, dynamic composition, and such intense energy, and this compilation is a prime, supreme example of that. Do yourself a favor and get this release in your collection. Both volumes are available for individual purchase or for bundle purchase in the Thumper Punk Records webstore.

RIYL: All bands listed.