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Post Mortum - Rise Above Ruin

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Artist: Post Mortum
Album: Rise Above Ruin
Label: Bulwark Records
Release Date: March 3rd, 2009
Review by: Stephen M

Post Mortum is a metal rock band from Massillon, OH. Similar sounding bands would be Demon Hunter, The Ascendicate, and even P.O.D. at times. The thing that Post Mortum does differently then each of those bands is incorporating a violin into every song and let me tell you, this makes it epic. Throughout this CD you will be caught in the melodic groove of metal that Post Mortum offers.

Rise Above Ruin is the title of Post Mortum’s latest release on Bulwark records which is set to be released on March 3rd 2009. This is a 12-song CD that offers catchy choruses, mind blowing violin playing, catchy guitar riffs, guttural screams and a very talented rock style singer. If I were to try and put Post Mortum in a genre I would say they are a heavy metal violin-core band.
As I have listened to this album over the past three weeks I keep finding more things that surprise me and keep me interested that Post Mortum offers. As you listen to this album you will notice how two tracks are never alike, each brings its own unique style. The tracks seemed a tad bit short for me ranging from just under two minutes to just over four minutes, with most of them being around the three minute mark. One of the most satisfying things while listening to Post Mortum and what keeps me coming back to them is the fact they have a violin player. Hearing a violin during a breakdown do squeals on that beautifully crafted instrument is so amazing and really words cannot express how this sounds, you have to check this out for yourself – Post Mortum’s song titled Dysfunction is a good place to start.

Post Mortum’s lyrics are raw and from the heart. They talk about their struggles as a band and as humans. From the song “Still Alive” , “I’ve been through the utmost pain, nothing to live for, nothing to gain…” and as it progresses to the chorus a brighter side appears as they sing “But now I’m still alive…” and as it leads to up to the epic and encouraging breakdown they say “Never can I die! Never can I die!”

With all that said, this is a must get! This is something unique to add to your collection and something that you will enjoy for months.


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