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Philmont - Oh Snap EP

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Normally when you see a charging rhino, you wanna get out of the way. In the case of our blue and purple friend on the cover of this album, however, you will want to keep a safe but interested distance. Or at least I will. Fans of Eleventyseven, Cute Is What We Aim For, and Relient K will rush in close and give that rhino a hug, embracing the catchy pop-punk sound of Philmont, but for now it’s something I will admire from afar. Once my favorite genre, I lost interested when Hawk Nelson became the poster-boy, a band that started out without a lot of skill and later on just became boring. Had it been Philmont who took Relient K’s place back then, I may have stuck around a bit longer. Their music is full of soaring vocal harmonies combine with charging guitars that play more than just basic chords. The result is something takes the strong energy of bands like Ivoryline or Anberlin and mixes it with the catchy, accessible melodies of bands like Third Eye Blind or Fall Out Boy. If you’re still digging the pop-punk sound, then this EP is definitely for you. If you normally aren’t too impressed but enjoy Anberlin or Relient K, then Philmont is worth an inquisitive listen.


Artist: Philmont
Album: Oh Snap EP
Label: Forefront Records
Release Date: August 19, 2008
Reviewer: Eric Pettersson

1. I Can’t Stand to Fall
2. The Difference
3. Another Name
4. My Hippocratic Oath
5. Photosynthesis

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