Album Review :
Party or Die! - College & Career EP

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Artist: Party or Die!

Album: College & Career EP

Label: Future Destination Records

Release Date: September 13, 2010

Reviewer: Eric Pettersson


1. I Think I See Somebody
2. Greg’s Had A Hard Life
3. Special Delivery by Uncle Dan the Man
4. Middler (Sound of Shofar)
5. K-Mart Makes Me Physically Ill

Hailing from Huntington, West Virginia, this Future Destination three-piece craft catchy pop rock tunes that are full of feeling and layered guitars, reminiscent of The Juliana Theory or Slow Coming Day. The opening track, “I Think I See Somebody,” deserves to be on your next mixtape with a chorus big enough to destroy a skyscraper. The somewhat dark tone continues throughout the EP, with slightly distorted guitars and impressive voice quality on the lead. The little disc closes with “K-Mart Makes Me Physically Ill,” which besides the hilarious title is also a pretty good song. It builds into a long, chanted gang vocal that reminds this reviewer of a certain epic track from Thrice.

Overall: Without sounding out-dated, Party or Die! bring back everything we loved about 2003. Vocals that are strong yet trembling, songs that are catchy yet musically complex: it’s all here, updated for 2010.