Album Review :
One Star Story "Self-titled EP"

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  • One Star Story
  • Self-titled EP
  • Reviewed by: Chuck Cochran


  1. Near To Far
  2. Everyday
  3. This Game
  4. Who I Am

Now I know a lot of you guys out there are critical of female-fronted bands. I was once like you, but since the emergence of bands such as the likes of Flee the Seen, Eisley, and Bloodlined Calligraphy, my eyes and ears have been opened.

I went to my local music venue on March 3rd, the headliner of the night was a band that went by the name of One Star Story. At first I was a bit skeptical. Just another wannabe emo/rock band, only appealing to scene kids, but as they started to play I knew I was hearing something special. It turned out to be a great live show, with a great vibe, and great energy.

Great lyrics and musical talent shine throughout the songs on One Star Story’s self titled. “Near To Far” starts out the EP, cool intro, and a super catchy chorus, which leaves you wishing the song would never end. “Everyday” begins strong with tough drums and guitars. It is easily my favorite track; it should be on the radio, MTV, Disney Channel (haha), everywhere. The band shows their softer side with the piano in “This Game”. “Who I Am” ends the EP with almost an 80’s feel, and great vocal performance by Vanessa.

Lyrically, I cannot stress the luster that One Star Story expresses through their writing; their talent is vastly beyond their years. Musically, the band plays very well together, complementing each other with each track. The only criticism I have with the EP is that (at times) Vanessa sounds nasally, other than that, very tight album. Listen for yourself.

Rating: 9/10

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