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Once Dead - Visions Of Hell

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Band: Once Dead

Album: Visions Of Hell

Label: Open Grave Records

Reviewed By: Chris W

Before I start this review, let me say that I really don’t listen to much thrash metal, nor do I know much about it. That said, this cd was really a lot of fun to listen to.

Once Dead was the resurrection of theĀ  controversy laden band Vengeance Rising, and has become a sort of christian supergroup now featuring members of not only Vengeance Rising but also The Crucified, Fasedown, Hirax, and Deliverance.

This album is raw and energetic. There are lots of buzzing raw toned guitars that power on throughout the entire album, layered over those are the wah pedal thrash solos that thrash has become known for. “Grave Diggers: The Forgotten Genocide” is an excellent example, it opens with a chugging guitar and then rips right into a solo. It’s probably my favorite track on the album, written about the Armenian Genocide, it’s fast paced and keeps my ears entertained. It has all been done before without a doubt, but that doesn’t change the fact that Once Dead has done it well and with proficiency.

The vocals are mixed a little low and sometimes don’t stand out, but once again the lyrics make it worth straining to hear. The lyrics are violent and gory at times as is standard with thrash, but the band gets their point across that hell is not something to take lightly.

If you have any interest in thrash metal whatsoever I would recommend giving this at least one spin, I never thought I would like it when I heard it was headed my way for review, but after one spin in the cd player it is an album I’ll listen to many more times.

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