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Ocean Is Theory - Into The Mouth Of Lions

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Artist: Ocean Is Theory
Album: “Into The Mouth Of Lions”
Label: Independent
Review by: Billy G

Recording their debut EP, “Into the Mouth of Lions” with Matt Malpass (Copeland, Rookie of The Year) and Matt Goldman (Underoath, As Cities burn, Cartel). Ocean Is Theory is yet another group that severely impresses me. These guys are young,(Four out of the five members are still in high school) but that does not limit their musical ability at all. Recently being selected as one of the 16 winners of the New Band Showcase Contest for Cornerstone Festival, these guys have a very bright future ahead of them.

This 5 song EP shows amazing songs,talent, and plenty of potential for a great full length. It opens with Plant Your Fields and right from the get go you can tell this band has intense passion for their faith. Lyrically this album is filled with scriptural references. From the song By No Means, the chorus belts out “Must we force this grace to increase? By no means!”. Taking an apparent liking to Romans the band keeps up with the theme on More than Conquerors with the lyrics, “We are more than conquerors by your grace”. Musically speaking these guys tend to lean towards the indie/emo/rock outfit. With well placed melodies and melodic vocals this EP seems to be flawless. While there is a bit of un-originality with their choice of genre, they do indeed add a bit of there own blend to the mix. Songs like “By No Means”, carry catchy choruses and amazing falsetto. The apparent single for the album titled, “Oh Broken Son” has a darker undertone to it while carrying the same strength the rest of the EP has. This song is where OIT does something I love, an epic chorus. Too many bands rely on catchy hooks or sing alongs, yet this seems to come naturally to OIT all without being overdone. Overall it’s a solid effort from a very young and very promising band.


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