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Not One Is Upright - And They Were Likened Unto Dogs

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Band: Not One Is Upright
Title: And They Were Likened Unto Dogs
Label: Unsigned
Release Date: 2010
Review By: Steve
Track Listing:
1. Introit
2. A Wristwatch Saved Harold Crick
3. Trinitarian Disciplinarian
4. Last Words Of Telemachus
5. The Scrimshaw Redemption
6. And They Were Likened Unto Dogs
7. Thus The Monster Beheld Beauty, And Trembled
8. When Parallel Lines Intersect

Not One Is Upright is a metalcore band out of Grayson, KY that reminds me a little of The Chariot. While I would not compare them directly to The Chariot, but nonetheless they do have, that chaotic style infused in their sound.

Musically, as I said above Not One Is Upright have a chaotic style of metalcore. They also mix in some other styles as well such as some ambient post rock intros like in “They Were Likened Unto Dogs.” The instruments are decent in the album and are a little clumsy at times but over all they are decent. I have to give them credit for not going with the generic metalcore, cookie cutter style that most bands are going with now days.

Vocally, the Not One Is Upright is just as chaotic as the instrument play. Graham Skaggs mixes in some hardcore, death metal and rock vocals throughout the album and usually uses all of the styles in every track. As far as lyrics, Not One Is Upright is heavy on the metaphoric lyrics. My favorite metaphors are in “Last Words Of Telemachus” where Graham screams, “Prototype of stagnation, be blessed, Deceiving us, the masses, he dressed, His eyes bigger than his own stomach, His intestine groans with gaseous pain.
Imbibe. Take it in. Spoken. Spit it out. He tones his words, negates the origins, Purposely sins, and corrupts the organ, Cut out your chords…” So they might not exactly name names as who they believe in but it is very evident that these young men put their faith in Christ.

Overall: while this may not be a groundbreaking album, it was enjoyable to hear something new. Their youth shows in this album; however, if you are tired of every band and their mother being either metalcore or post-hardcore than you should definitely check out this album by Not One Is Upright.