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NineOFive - No Other Name

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Artist: Nine O Five

Album: No Other Name

Release Date: Feb. 21, 2012

  1. Our God Is Love
  2. No Other Name
  3. You Alone
  4. Stronger Than Death

This short worship EP is about more than the music. NineOFive has committed that sales from the record be funneled right back into what their church is doing to reach out to their community with the love of Christ. They are truly passionate about drawing others into the saving grace of Jesus and the music reflects that wholeheartedly.

No Other Name is a live recording which adds not only to the energy of the album but also reminds the listener that NineOFive is looking to be a part of something bigger than the band. There is a prayer at the end of the first track that reiterates the mission of the band, to bring people to the foot of the cross. While listening to the EP I found myself feeling like I knew the songs without having ever heard them before, not in the “another worship band that sounds like Hillsong” way (although I do think that Hillsong fans will greatly enjoy this album) but more of a “meeting someone for the first time but feeling like old friends” kind of way. Catchy melodies, up-tempo jams and heartfelt lyrics make you want to close your eyes and join in on the sing-along.