Album Review :
Nicole Croteau - Anchors And Silhouettes

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Check out the new review of Nicole Croteau’s Anchors and Silhouettes written by Ayomide Akinkugbe. Check out his blog here. He is the winner of our review contest for Nicole’s album that released a few weeks ago.

Artist: Nicole Croteau
Title: Anchors and Silhouettes
Label: DREAM Records
Release Date: 3/13/2012


  1. Falling
  2. Storyteller
  3. Push Down
  4. Amazing
  5. Think About It
  6. Sacred Romance
  7. Butterflies
  8. Rescue
  9. Hurricane
  10. Devon
  11. The Getaway
  12. Thirsty Roots

For me, there two types of artistes. One, those who tell you from the radio “come, come to where we are. It’s so good here” and there are the others who somehow cross the electromagnetic line between you and the radio, take your hands and say “come with me, let me show you where I have been”. Nicole Croteau who just got recently got signed to DREAM records is one of the latter. Nicole Croteau on first listen is one artist (even though you have never met before or seen her face) you would be longing for a conversation with over a cup of tea. Even on the “jivy” pop/country/ Americana/ soft rock tune (yes her sound is hard to describe, more on that latter) her debut presents; you would hear her heart on every sound. The harmonies and ad-lib on her debut are just heavenly with occasional claps, ouhs, whistles and playfully said words. It’s one you drink deep. It becomes yours on first listen cause Nicole does what great artists do: The story she has to tell on this album transcends herself and time. On listening you will find her singing your story to you. She puts to words finely with beautifully crafted music what your heart has been longing to say which you couldn’t find the exact words for; that’s the summary of Anchors and Silhouettes.

On “Storyteller” she encourages like a dear friend “Don’t doubt in the dark what you knew in the light”. On “Push Down” she sings confidently “Cause I’m dodging bullets now . . . they say we’ve finally found the cure for living out loud”. “Amazing” would sure get you off your seat dancing. “Devon” is meant to be a sad song but something about how it’s delivered and crafted offers nothing less of hope.

Critics have compared Nicole sounds to that of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus but I’m sure these two superstars would be awed if they listened to Nicole’s sound. And another thing about this album that might get listeners wondering is who Nicole is actually referring to on some songs. On “Falling” she sings “In your presence is where I need to be cause that’s where I’m complete, baby, I can’t never let you go”. I’m sure Jesus hasn’t earned a new name called “baby” but I love how she reminds us with these lyrics that the very idea of love is sacred.

All in all, this is a straight 5 star album. And note, this album wasn’t just produced, it was crafted. Anchors and Silhouettes is Nicole Croteau’s invitation to listen to your own story cause in singing hers she sang yours not even knowing you. Want a live concert where you can meet the artist and not just her jives right where you are? Go get Anchors and Silhouettes.