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Newworldson - s/t

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Band: Newworldson
Title: self-titled
Label: Inpop Records
Release Date: February 23, 2010
Review By: Steve
Track Listing:

  1. You Set The Rhythm
  2. Listen To The Lord
  3. In Your Arms
  4. There Is A Way
  5. Do You Believe In Love?
  6. That’s Exactly (How I Like It)
  7. Rocky Road
  8. Commander
  9. Total Eclipse
  10. O Lament
  11. Jamaican Praise Medley
  12. Weary

What can you say about Newworldson?  This fun and energetic four-piece jack of all genres out of Canada certainly brings a lot of hype and enthusiasm.  Brandon asked me if I could review this album and even though this is not my favorite type of music, I was more than willing to give it a shot.  So I am not going to get any brutal breakdowns that make me want to do the hardcore two-step but I realize there is more to music than just the heavy stuff.

So, this is my first introduction to Newworldson, and from the research I have done they have had a very popular release in 2008 with Salvation Station.  Newworldson is an album that if you have loved their earlier stuff, then you are definitely going to love this album even more.  This fun loving band brings you songs that cover virtually every genre excluding metal and hardcore.  Because of these genre changes, Newworldson definitely has you guessing what the next track is going to sound like. Will it be reggae, soul, funk, blues, pop, gospel, or all of them?  Needless to say, Newworldson has a unique style(s) but that is about all that I find entertaining about them.

My wife and I were out doing errands and I wanted her to help me with the review by pointing out what she likes and dislikes about the album.  She is a well-rounded music lover and a very accomplished musician.  For the first time, we actually agreed on something about music, and it was that we would pass on this album.  We both found it too distracting with all the genre flip-flopping.  It made the album too confusing, and it seems like they are a jack-of-all-trades/genres but master of none of them.  The music was just average and clumsy at times.  I would have preferred that they had stuck to one style, stayed with it throughout the album, and improved their play in that area.  Vocally, the only complaint I had was in “Jamaican Praise Medley.”  I just do not find it entertaining for non-Jamaicans to sing Reggae.  I love Bob Marley, but I do not care too much for reggae impersonations.

Overall: this album will definitely be popular with fans of Newworldson’s previous albums.  This band brings a lot of fun and energy to the stage and it is something you can definitely feel.  So, if you are looking for a fun band that loves the Lord and has their passion for Christ emanate from their music, please check out and support Newworldson.

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