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NEVERTHELESS - Live Like We're Alive

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Title: Live Like We’re Alive
Label: Flicker
Release Date: 9/19/06
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. The Real
02. Patience And Devotion
03. Time
04. Live Like We’re Alive
05. Lover
06. Losing Innocence
07. Let It Fall
08. Perfect Chemistry
09. It’s Me
10. O’Child


Josh Pearson: Vocals, Guitar
AJ Cheek: Lead Guitar, BGV’s
Brad Jones: Guitar, BGV’s
Adam Wann: Bass
Adam Rowe: Drums

NEVERTHELESS is one of the newest signings to the ever growing, not to mention improving, roster of Flicker Records. This young band has opted to not pursue the themes found on many of their contemporaries albums, and instead decided to focus on hope. The stated goal of NTL in fact is “true hope through faith”. Thankfully, as mentioned above the band does stand out amongst it’s peers because they’ve willfully not focused their album on boy/girl relationships but instead have presented many songs with spiritual substance to it.

“The Real” is a great, catchy way to open the album. The track has everything you need for a hit, although it was not chosen for the first single. Josh’s soft sung verses, lead the way to a bouncing, soulful chorus. Extremely catch song and easy to sing along lyrics (“We are the real. The truth is unchanging. This is a call to hearts that are fading.”). A nice little guitar solo was thrown in for good measure. Although I must say with 3 guitarists someone better be doing something besides playing simple chords. “Live Like We’re Alive” is another upbeat track, lead through the verses by the rhythm section, with it’s snapping and popping. The guitar work is sporadic and takes a backing role. The chorus is uplifting and encouraging and really is the highlight of the song musically as well.

“Lover” mellows things out quite a bit. It would fit better in the vein of a Copeland sound, including the keys that are used. An acoustic guitar brings the chorus together, where Josh sings “You can find me here with my head against the well, lost in my regrets and every time I fall – You catch me in Your hands”. This song is definitely a highlight of the album which shows of the band’s ability to slow things down and rely and a simple melody instead of explosive guitars and bouncy tunes other sounds that many use. An album for fans of Anberlin and Jimmy Eat World for sure. The album at times can get repetitive and sound similar but what it lacks in big hits it makes up for in solid songwriting throughout. A very enjoyable listen, which shows off this young groups potential, I would definitely recommend for people to check them out.

Standout Tracks:

“The Real”, “Lover”, “Let It Fall”

Individual Ratings:

Lyrics: I didn’t get a lyric sheet with this release but I know that Pearson and Cheek handled writing duties. (They also teamed up with a writer for a few tracks). “Live Like We’re Alive” tells the band’s story and what they’re about. “Time” is a story about a breakup with someone who didn’t really the person to begin with. “The Real” deals with faith vs. doubt and the track “Lover” speaks of a relationship with God.

Marketability: A strong , talented band with good song writing skills. The problem is this genre is over-saturated and it takes a lot to stand above the rest of the multitude. I believe the band should do well in the Christian market and have the ability to branch out into the mainstream market but touring is vital there.

Production: James Paul Wisner headed this effort and once again he’s proven his worth. Another solid sounding album.

Vocals: Josh’s vocals are definitely softer than a lot of the others in this genre. There’s no yelling or really even moments of forceful singing. His approach is pretty similar throughout. The backup vocals are quiet but placed in all the strategic places. No ground breaking vocal work here.

Similar To: Anberlin, Forever Changed, Jimmy Eat World

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