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NeedToBreathe - Daylight

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Review by: Josh IndieVision

Band: NeedToBreathe
Title: Daylight
Label: Atlantic Records
Release Date: April 4th, 2006

01. Don’t Wait For Daylight
02. Quit
03. Shine
04. Don’t Leave Just Yet
05. Haley
06. You Are Here
07. Knew It All
08. More Than
09. Over Now
10. Lost
11. I Won’t Look Back

*Bear Rinehart: Vocals, Guitars
*Bo Rinehart: Guitars, Backup Voc’s
*Seth Bolt: Bass, Backup Voc’s, Programming
*Joe Stillwell: Drums, Backup Voc’s

The quartet known as NeedToBreathe has been creating quite the buzz lately. I had heard a track on myspace and wanted to do a full review because I saw alot of potential. The band, yet another to cover both sides of the music market (Christian and secular), unleashed “Daylight” the band’s new release on April 4th. The band’s style is a mix of alternative rock and Brit-pop and comes about beautiful they step on to scene.

Ringing guitars, beefed up with solid bass and pounding drums lead into a softer duel high/low, vocal mix. Instantly, I say to myself “I’m hooked”, although that stance is solidfied as I go on. While similar to many of the altrock bands with pop sensibilities of today, Bear’s vocals seem to offer a bit of difference. At times I feel that he could tear into a hard rock vocal if needed but he only hints at it. “Don’t Wait For Daylight” surprised me in not being the first video release off the album as it is definitely single material.

“Quit” drops in second but quickly overtakes “Don’t…” by picking up the pace. The drum & bass lead the way with bits of guitar scattered overhead throughout the verses. The chorus brings a more structured guitar approach, pushing forward the bands rockier sound. This song shows the bands ability to not follow the more mellow companions in their genre.

NeedToBreathe offers single after single as is shown on “Shine On”. Yet again using the approach of “Quit” with the solid rhythm section and sporadic guitar licks, the song leads into a subtle yet stirring chorus. This for me is the most memorable song on the album and brings forth solid lyrics such as:

“There’s a fire burning brightly
That’s found its way to dim
When the feelings gone…
Shine on”

“Haley” has a great melody combining itself with acoustic guitar, a simple bass line, and all mixed with light percussion. It reminds me somewhat of a mellow Third Day track… no theatrics, no crazy effects, just straight heart. This song, even simply brought, is a track that definitely that rivals for top track.

Stepping back to the rock n roll stage, comes “You Are Here” the first single/video. While not quite hard rock it is still one of the harder tracks on the album. It agains follows the similar layout of the rest of the album.


“Daylight” is a solid effort but still has a few flaws. The main thing that stood out to me was the lack of variance between songs. Many tend to sound similar and follow the same approach. I’m honest in saying that I greatly enjoyed this album, but I fear that others may dismiss it more quickly than I did. Solid touring throughout the summer with Train and also having wrapped a tour with Switchfoot will do well to help propel NeedToBreathe to success. I’m hoping it will also bring more growth and experimentation with different sounds to mature their sound. “Daylight” is a worthy effort and should fair well with the popularity of this sound right now.

Standout Tracks:

“Haley”, “Quit”, “Knew It All”


Album Art/Design:

I like the front cover art, as it would grab my attention just walking through the store aisles. All lyrics are included.


“Don’t wait for daylight/ Don’t run from tonight
Just open your eyes/ The stars fade with the lights”
(“Don’t Wait For Daylight”)

“Look up, its up to you/ Remember all the reasons to
Give grace and mercy for the time you’re here”


A band hitting the market at a time when pop rock is huge on Top 40 radio should help these guys out. The tours with Switchfoot and the like will increase their scope for sure. Exposure for NeedToBreathe is key right now and if they continue the way they have and with this release they should help attain that.


Nothing too slick but well mixed. No areas of complaint


Bear’s vocals have decent range. I’d like to hear more of the rockier side as well as his ballad type tracks. He has something that stands out to me about his voice. I can’t put a finger on it though.

Similar to: Coldplay, The Muse, Keane

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