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MyChildren MyBride - Unbreakable

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Band: MyChildren MyBride
Title: Unbreakable
Label: Solid State
Release Date: 2.26.08
Review By: JoshIVM


01. Faithless
02. On Wings of Integrity
03. The Machinist
05. Boris The Blade
06. Severance
07. Versus
08. Waves Of Oppression
09. Circle The Sky
10. Choke


Matthew Hasting: Vocals
Kyle Ray: Guitar
Robert Bloomfield: Guitar
Brian Hood: Drums
Joe Lengson: Bass

I have been a fan of MCMB and always had figured they’d end up signing with Solid State. In fact I wondered why they hadn’t already. They toured relentlessly and had a good following. Well finally SS picked them up and have released the bands label debut called Unbreakable upon the metal masses.

I am a fan of this type of metalcore so I was definitely looking forward to the release. The first song “Faithless” breaks out with some harmonizing guitars. Instantly my hopes were increased that this would indeed be an amazing album! The song shreds throughout and I definitely was digging the sound. As I listened further it seems the album seems has more hardcore in it than metal, which is a bit of a change from the current wave of deathcore bands. I don’t know if I like that or don’t. Part of this is Matthew’s vocals which are more yelled than growled. I liked the vocals but they lack the variety than an album of this nature really needs. I would prefer more high-low action. I laughed that in “HEADSHOT!” he even pulls off the tough-guy sound. The band does mix in some death metal instrumentation into their otherwise expected metalcore sounds. There is honestly really no need to explain because you all know what I mean. The band is definitely the highlight of this album. While they really are not dropping anything you haven’t heard 100 times before they do their thing rather well. You can hear that the band could be much better if they decided to branch out a bit to separate them from the pack. Another part that bugged me was the fact that I had heard a bunch of these songs already and for the most part they sounded the same. A few of them had been released on an EP before the signing to Solid State. “Severance” is a standout to me. The vocals change up a bit more here (at least for a bit) which I desparately wanted to hear more of.

Overall Rating: This debut is not going to win over hordes of fans. It will actually disappointment many but I think most people will find that it is good despite the lack of groundbreaking material. Is it enjoyable? Yeah I liked it but it’s not terribly different from the hundreds of other bands doing the same style. Metalcore has become an oversaturated genre where there are a lot of bands to like but not many to love. MCMB have the potential to move into that higher realm, especially with the guitarists they possess but they need to improve on songwriting and setting themselves apart from the rest.(7/10)

Standout Tracks: “Faithless”, “Severance”

Solid State

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