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My Heart to Fear - The Draft

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  • Band:My Heart to Fear
  • Album: The Draft
  • Label:Luxor Records
    Release Date:August 26, 2016
  1. Rent Past Due
  2. The Draft
  3. If It’s Aliens, It’s Not
  4. You’ve Been Distant Lately
  5. Years Gone By

my-heart-to-fearSome metalcore bands release an album and an EP and break up if they aren’t already as popular as Underoath, Bring Me the Horizon, or Blessthefall. But My Heart to Fear is not one of those bands. Forming in late 2005, the band has released two studio albums, and four other EPs. With The Draft, that makes five.

The EP begins with “Rent Past Due”. The song starts with soulful praise sounding music and the guitars fade in. The song does a metalcore tinge to it but it doesn’t quite fit. The clean singing on this song and the EP in general sounds like NeedtoBreathe’s singer.

“The Draft” is kind of melodic metalcore, with more singing than any other My Heart to Fear song I’ve heard. The track is almost mostly singing with a little screaming in the beginning and some here and there. I respect the change, though I may not appreciate the style.

“If It’s Aliens, It’s Not” is a lot more heavier than the first two tracks with plenty of old school My Heart to Fear style. But also much shorter than the other two. There a little bit a singing, rather the alternative that was mentioned in “The Draft”.

“You’ve Been Distant Lately” was the first track I heard and it’s still my favorite off of this EP so far. With this song being the lead single for the album and the announcement of signing with their current label, Luxor Records, home to As They Sleep, Broken Flesh, and It Lies Within, the band certainly belongs with the label. ‘I saw it all play out!’ sings Vocalist Trevor Pool. ‘they tell us it’s for our own good!’ with almost a guttural delivery.

“Years Gone By” reminds me of August Burns Red, with a progressive metalcore style and Pool’s vocal delivery sounds pretty similar to Jake Luhrs. The track is just about as heavy as “You’ve Been Distant Lately”.

Overall, I like My Heart to Fear’s approach with this EP. Putting the more melodic songs at the beginning, and ending with the heavy tracks, giving the listener their fill of metalcore. Though somewhat short, it is probably some the best songwriting I’ve heard. The production of the EP is also incredible, and should be given some credit.

For Fans of: August Burns Red, Close Your Eyes

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November 8, 2016 3:10 pm

It’s definitely different from algorithm, but I like the style. It’s risky and unique in a world of watered down metalcore.

November 8, 2016 8:04 am

I miss the groove on this release that made their last album stand out for me..

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