Album Review :
My Heart to Fear - Lost Between Brilliance & Insanity

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Band: My Heart To Fear
Album: Lost Between Brilliance & Insanity
Label: Solid State Records
Release: 11/30/12
Reviewer: BrodyB

  1. Blood Money
  2. Life Under the Stairs
  3. Legends Never Die
  4. Dear Mr. White
  5. The Witching Hour

The first time the name My Heart to Fear was ever mentioned to me was, to say the least, not in the best context. I recall the event very well. You see, my friend called me to break the news to me that one of my (at the time) favorite bands, In the Midst of Lions, had dropped off Purple Door Music Festival’s roster for the year. I was heartbroken, confident that whatever My Heart To Fear sounded like, the band could not replace the void left by the absence of ItMoL.

With a bit of a chip on my shoulder, I walked to main stage where the energetic and young group of guys in My Heart To Fear were blowing some minds, including mine. While it took a while for me to lighten up and enjoy the performance, by the end of the set I was sold on this young group of guys.

Now almost a year later, My Heart To Fear has been picked up by Solid State Records to re-record some of their most loved tracks in the form of a short and simple Ep. Blood Money kicks off the album, showcasing everything needed to make a killer metalcore album. From chunky riffing mixed with progressive leads, to tight and technical drumming, to impressive bass work, the opener of “Lost Between Brilliance & Insanity” is the perfect track for someone looking to get a feel for the band to check out.

Life Under the Stairs is a personal favorite off the record. What strikes me the most about this track is Trevor Pool’s vocal performance. What you get in this song is an incredibly passionate and honest outpour of lyrics. The song deals with the topic of just wanting “…a hand to hold, another heart to cherish”, but not wanting to do so if it would jeopardize the mission of the band continuing to be a touring band. The breakdown where Pool proclaims, “One of my biggest fears is dying along/ But if that’s what it takes to follow my dreams, then make it so” is sure to raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

While not initially stoked on the release of lead single, Dear Mr. White, after a few dozen listens the complexity of the jam began to sink in. While the lyrics are arguably some of the weakest of the album, the guitar work easily picks of the slack, providing a display of some of the most solid riffing heard in quite a while. In between the riffs are some great noodling that will have metal heads worldwide playing air guitar in their cars.

The Witching Hour closes the album off in style, fairing as my runner up favorite track, continuing the trend of exceptional musicianship. This song takes twists and turns musically, going from beefy chugging that would make the likes of Mychildren Mybride proud, while next taking runs that would not seem out of place in an Oh, Sleeper track. Not only do the guitars do their fair share, but the rhythm section is the underdog in this song, providing an incredible backdrop with exceptional bass riffs and tight, subtly intricate drums.

This EP has a lot going for it but is not without some small issues. I felt that that usage of samples and keys was extremely odd and did not fit at all. In most cases, bands will use keys to add some sort of atmosphere to their songs, whereas the abundance of samples in Legends Never Die for example are somewhat distracting and take away from the atmosphere the band is striving for. In different instances the keys have varying degrees of negativity though. For instance in Life Under the Stairs, they are not overbearing, but rather just there for the sake of being there. While samples do not ruin the album, they do not help it, and seem a bit immature.

The album also suffers a tad from coming across a repetitive. While the band has no lack of skills, the records really lacks those stand out moments such as the discord breakdown in Life Under the Stairs. More stand out, moments like this would break the record out of its’ mold a bit more I think.

Overall: All that being said, I can not wait to see what these guys have in store for us in the year to come. As I write this, the band is preparing to record their full length. While the disk has a few minor flaws, it still keeps me optimistic about what these guys have to offer as they continue to grow.

RIYL: Oh, Sleeper / August Burns Red / Fit For a King