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My Epic - I Am Undone

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Artist: My Epic
Album: I Am Undone
Label: Dreamt Music (Facedown Records imprint)
Release Date: August 5, 2008
Reviewer: Eric Pettersson

1. Prologue
2. The Oil Press
3. Lest We Die
4. The Lover and the Thief
5. Perelandra
6. You Know We All Love You
7. Our Little Girl
8. Men in Little Houses
9. Communion
10. You Became I
11. –
12. It’s at Times like This I Realize That Survival Is Not Enough.

When I first started writing for Indie Vision Music, I loved a lot of crappy bands because they were all I knew. I listened to what I could get my hands on, and as I spent more time working within the industry, I’ve found better and better bands out there, making me much more selective with the music I choose to listen to in my spare time between reviews. Usually, this great music does not include the albums I’ve just reviewed. I mean, there’s a lot of good stuff out there, but the great stuff is often not part of the basic releases that bands and labels are always sending us.

But occasionally, I’ll be sent a CD that is absolutely fantastic, a CD that I fall in love with. And my reception of just such an album has been long overdue, until a week ago when I finally started listening to My Epic. I can’t begin to explain just how good this album really is. In the movie Almost Famous, rock critic Lester Bangs says that to be good in this profession, you must be “honest and unmerciful.” And I can truthfully say I am following that advice while still giving this record so much praise.

When I heard their earlier material, I thought this band was decent but still had a ways to go. Well, they’ve made it. With the intensity and complex musicianship of Circa Survive, the dark beauty and brutally honest lyrics of As Cities Burn, screams reminiscent of Thrice, and spiritual content to rival theologians, I Am Undone has so many layers of creativity and thought that fans could take months to fully explore this release. Or at least I know that’s how it’s going to be for me, since I seem to connect with the music and lyrics on a pretty deep level, especially track eleven, “-.”


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