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Means "Sending You Strength"

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Band: Means
Title: Sending You Strength
Label: Facedown
Release Date: 3.6.07
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Looking For Life
02. Learning To Be Brave
03. The Promise
04. Connected
05. Where Truth Is Told
06. Cadences
07. These Are The Words
08. Throw Open The Gates
09. Through The Wires
10. I Choose Her Over Light
11. Down To The Spark
12. On The Broken


Dylan Johnstone: Vocals
Todd Wells: Bass
Matt Goud: Guitars, Vocals
Aaron Friesen: Drums

Means, a melodic hardcore quartet from Regina, Canada, have invaded the U.S. Recently signing to hardcore staples, Facedown Records. The band have now unleashed their debut “Sending You Strength” to the world. They had previously released a full length and then most recently an EP, “More Than Watchmen For The Morning”, on Torque Recordings, in Canada but hadn’t made much ground in U.S. markets. Upon hearing the songs off the EP, I sensed potential but was not initially a fan. All of that changed when I put this disc in the player. The quartet will most likely take alot of others by surprise as well. They have seemingly come out of nowhere, to produce what might be one of the top melodic hardcore releases of 2007.

Musically the band plays melodic hardcore in the vein of Comeback Kid, Every New Day, & Thrice. I find it amusing that, excluding Thrice, John Paul Peters handled all 3 and they’re all from Canada. (Random useless fact of the day) Fast-paced and ferocious most of the time, the band can quickly switch to a melodic chorus with clean-toned vocals, and quickly revert again to it’s previous ferocity. The guitars are thick sounding and distorted, but are able to keep a good amount of melody. There are plenty of, dare I say, “pretty” moments to go around, though the majority is upbeat and heavy-hitting. We get a great example of this right off the bat in the song “Looking For Life”. The song begins with a bit of drums and then proceeds into a steady romp, with gang vocals, a brief bit of melodic guitar, and then finishes you off with a thundering breakdown. Thankfully, the band utilizes both the melodic and heavy, while refusing to compromise ground in either. Plenty of pummeling breakdowns will also bring in more of the metalcore kids as well. There truly is something for everyone.

Overall Rating: “Sending You Strength” is an impressive international debut for the foursome. It’s not a perfect release, but not far off either. Highly enjoyable and catchy, it certainly gained a huge fan here. Means should provide Facedown with a great talent for years to come! (9/10)

Standout Tracks: “The Promise”, “These Are The Words”, “Through The Wires”

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