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Mandisa - Remixed: Get Movin' EP

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Artist: Mandisa
Title: Remixed: Get Movin’ EP
Label: Sparrow Records
Release Date: 8/14/12
Reviewer: Jonathan Andre


  1. Good Morning (Capital Kings Remix)
  2. Stronger (Movin’ Remix)
  3. Only the World (Switch Remix)
  4. Shackles (Switch Remix)
  5. My Deliverer (RawlsCO Latin Remix)

Remix albums are always are always an anticipation point for me, especially when it’s a great song, and you love to see how a remix DJ either enhances the enjoyment experience or either steals some of it away. A remix song is made or broken by who mixes the melody, and the order of the songs chosen for remixing. Only a few remix albums have stood out over this past decade, namely from artists like Newsboys, TobyMac, Avalon and Zoegirl. Now in 2012, on the back of many standout remix songs from artists like Abandon, TobyMac, Group 1 Crew, Britt Nicole, Switchfoot and The Letter Black; Mandisa’s first remix effort in Get Movin’ is somewhat of a mixed bag. While the individual studio cuts of the songs are great and are deserving of their place to be remixed on this EP, the remixes themselves seem a little off, with some remixes speeding up Mandisa’s singing to the point of annoying, and other remixes altering the music til the point of wanting to switch the music off- which is a shame because Mandisa’s music shouldn’t be enjoyed like this. While these individual songs are great, these remixes have the potential to turn away new listeners or even long time fans- when it may not be the intention at first of the remix DJ’s. The only decent remix on the album is ‘My Deliver (RawlsCO Latin Remix)’, presenting a Latin dance flavour as Mandisa reminds us that ‘…my deliverer, You set me free from all that held me captive…’; with the rest of the album falling flat with poor musical mixing, and distressing post-production- never should a song be sped up to the point where you’d think the artist is in pain!

Speeding up the song for a remix is almost one of the worst remix techniques that can be done- and also one of the most unimaginative. Nevertheless, 3 songs out of the 5 are given the quickening treatment, with some interesting and sometimes conflicting musical undertones, to the point where the music may not necessarily match the theme or overall feel of the song. ‘Stronger’ is shortened by a good thirty seconds, with an overarching musical element similar to that of Super Mario mixed with electronic keyboards, as Mandisa proclaims, albeit in a fast manner, that ‘…when the waves are keeping you under, hold on just a little bit longer, He knows that this is gonna make you stronger…’ This ‘Movin’ Remix’ of the song is unique in a musical way; however, it is the quickening pace that brings the song down a little. Both ‘Only the World’ and ‘Shackles’ are also given the sped-up treatment, leaving much to be desired on both tracks. Though understanding that the DJ’s mixing meant well, what turned out to be a dismal failing full of out-of-place looping and some instances of crowd-cheering in the midst of the song; these remixes full of looping instruments to the point where I just want to press stop and ‘recover’ a bit from the loudness drowning out the lyrical poignancy; these melodies, along with the musical altering ‘Good Morning’ unfortunately decrease the purchase value of the EP. As I started to listen to ‘Good Morning (Capital Kings Remix)’, I braced myself. Not a fan of Capital Kings (they seem to drastically alter songs in general that they remix), my suspicions were confirmed when I listened to this new version of the song, with the beat and drum kicks changing mid-way in the song, while trying to maintain the same vocal tempo the whole song through. It is only ‘My Deliverer’, slightly quickened though you don’t even notice, that is even remotely enjoyable as I listen to the Latin flavour seep through the song, making me want to jump up and dance along.

Overall: Holistically, this album is way too short for a remix album- with many songs stumbling as I listen and continue to affirm the original recordings as my more enjoyable versions of the songs. Sometimes too loud, sometimes too fast, and other times mismatching the lyrical and music tempos, Remixed: Get Movin’ isn’t Mandisa’s finest attempt at a remix album, with primarily Newsboys and TobyMac the artists that have released great remix albums to date. This is an album for the die-hard Mandisa fan, though, the album doesn’t necessarily make me want to dance straight away. Rather, if you’re looking for a decent track from Mandisa, provided the price is fair, you can download ‘My Deliverer (RawlsCO Latin Remix)’ from iTunes- the rest, though sincere and heartfelt attempts at creating something that resembles a remix of sorts, fail to live up to the title of the album- one where people will ‘get moving’!

RIYL: TobyMac, Jamie Grace, Newsboys, Britt Nicole

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