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Lust Control - We Are Not Ashamed

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Band: Lust Control
Title: We Are Not Ashamed: Getting It Right The Second Time
Label: Retroactive
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Grace
02. Leave Amy Alone
03. You Make Me Puke
04. Return To Vomit
05. Planned Parenthood
06. The Big “M”
07. Deliverance
08. If You Fail
09. Virginity Disease
10. The Secret
11. Real Men Cry
12. Pray For The City
13. Mad At The Girls
14. Speaking In Tongues
15. Get Married
16. Operation Rescue
17. Victim Of Revolution/Grace Reprise
-Bonus Material-
18. Sex Rant Intro
19. Finger (Live)
-This Is A Condom Nation (Stereo Mix)
20. Mrs. Lowry (Live)
21. Grace
22. Rude Awakening
23. Madolyn Murray O’Hair
24. Wretched
25. Apocalyptic Nightmare
26. I Want To Die
27. Mad At The Girls
28. The Big “M”
29. You Make Me Puke
30. There Is A Fountain/Grace Reprise
31. Album Release Party Radio Spot
32. DJ Commentary
33. Gene’s Commentary
34. The Big “M” (Karoake Version)
35. Planned Parenthood (Karoake Version)


Gene: Vocals
Bradford: Guitar
Bob: Drums
Butch: Bass

What can I say about Lust Control. Interesting name, interesting band. An uncomprising Christian punk outfit from the late 80’s to early 90’s who I’m sure pushed people’s buttons with song topics about virginity, speaking in tongues, masturbation, planned parenthood, partying, and many other things. The band, which began as a joke, actually became a serious outfit, but soon fizzled out and died. Track 33 gives a detailed commentary on the history of the group, which I thought was a nice edition for new fans. The band, after approached by Retroactive, was given the opportunity to remaster the album, which the band gladly agreed with. (They had not been fans of the original recording’s sound.)

Musically, the band tears through punk and thrash like tunes. They’re a hybrid of some sort, like the always awesome 90LB. Wuss, and are certainly filled with passion for their convictions. Guitars are in your face and blistering fast whilst chugging through power chords. The lead vocals are raw and clearly are not intended to be blissful melodies. Gang vocals are found all over this disc. Plenty of tracks are circle pit approved

Overall Rating: The band takes some getting used to if you’re not into more straightforward punk. I can guarantee it will not be actively in my cd player but will find its way in from time to time. The reason is, mostly, that I’m not a huge fan of this brand of punk. It’s a band you need to hear, so that you can judge for yourself.

Standout Tracks: “Virginity Disease”, “If You Fail”, “Pray For The City”

Individual Ratings:

Lyrics: I like the uncompromising straight-forward approach but I’m not sure the way they present things is the best way. I would think it might cause more negative reactions than positive changes but then again I could be wrong. Sometimes people need to hear the message very bluntly and that is the band’s territory. They most certainly deserve punk cred for standing strong and not playing word games, but it no doubt often put(s) them in the middle of upset people on all sides.

Marketability: This is a limited edition re-issue of 1000 copies. Honestly, this is probably more of a collector’s item than anything else. I’m doubting that they will pick up many fans with it. This kind of punk just isn’t big anymore in music, even more so in Christian circles.

Similar To: Ninety Pound Wuss (early), Officer Negative, Suicidal Tendencies

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