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Lanae' Hale - Lanae' Hale EP

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Artist: Lanae’ Hale
Album: Lanae’ Hale EP
Label: Centricity Records
Release Date: November 6, 2007
Review by: Eric Pettersson

1. Spring Again
2. Alive Again
3. Love Is Worth the Fight
4. Stay
5. Start Over
6. Quiet Place

On listening to this EP, a few thoughts come to mind. One, Lanae’s sound is not as indie as her influences listed on MySpace would leave one to believe. Two, this is not a bad thing, because she’s got a great sound. “Alive Again” could easily end up playing on a new episode of Scrubs with its soft, artistically poppy feel. Overall, the songs on this EP have a strong radio-friendly appeal, while maintaining that coffeehouse credibility with tracks like the slow and jazzy “Stay.” Lanae’s voice has a subtle strength that perfectly matches her positive message of hope. The lyrics and even the melodies shine with the maturity of someone who’s been through hard times and still finds something worth living for. Unlike naïve pop music, she’s honest about the pains of life, but she doesn’t let that conquer her and comes out on top with a sense of joy that is both quiet and powerful. If you’re looking for a chill yet upbeat blend of folk and pop music, give this girl a listen.


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