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Krista Branch - I Am America EP

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Artist:  Krista Branch
Title:  I Am America EP
Label:  None
Release Date:  9/3/2010
Reviewer:  Jeremiah Holdsworth


1.  I Am America
2.  Remember Who We Are
3.  Foreign Land

Sometimes it nice to get something that you know nothing about.  You never know what to expect, and the moments leading up to it, can drive you a little crazy.  When there is no longer an anticipation factor, then you can breathe easy, and collect your thoughts on what just happened.  It might have blown your mind, or it might have been the worst thing since your first taste of liverwurst.  Well this EP by Krista Branch made me feel neither, but I believe it helped me figure out that I’m center right.

“I Am America” kicks off this very short EP with a contemporary feel but with a synth/pop groove.  Add a spice of keys, a dash of guitar, and you get this very patriotic song about standing up for America.  It, somewhat, became the official tea-party song for most of 2010.  Also, it helped land her on stops with Glenn Beck, and more recently, Herman Cain.

“Remember Who We Are” uses more electronics, and is more of an adult alternative rocker, than it’s predecessor.  It’s another patriotic song about what the title implies.  We’ve paid a price to be free / Remember who we are / With our blood, sweat, and tears / Remember who we are / Will our children be the ones asking us one day / Why we didn’t do enough / Why we gave it all away

“Foreign Land” is a piano based ballad that caused me to shed a tear, the first time I heard it.  It’s reflects on our armed forces who have died in foreign land, to help protect this great country that most of us live in.  I don’t always think about the men and women, who are putting their lives on the line.  Those which help to protect this country and keep it safe.  I salute them.

Overall:  I really enjoyed this EP from Krista Branch.  The songs are all patriotic but they run much deeper than that.  You can find glimpses of her faith here and there, but it’s not going to beat you over the head.  Her debut full-length album is in the works, so I’m eager to find out if it will surpass these three solid tunes.  I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

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