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Kingston Falls - The Crescendo of Sirens

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Band: Kingston Falls
Title: The Crescendo Of Sirens
Label: Strike First
Release Date: April 4th, 2006


01. The Infection To Quarantine
02. Brutality And The Beast (Part 1)
03. We’ll Let The Dice Decide
04. Botulism (And A Horse Called Bartholemew)
05. The Weak Shall Prevail
06. Lieutenant Never
07. Beauty And The Sentiment (Part 2)
08. Diplomacy, Day 8
09. Alibi: Destroyed
10. This Is Ghost Town


Josh B: Guitar
Josiah G: Guitar, BV’s
John B: Vocals
Brent Z: Drums, BV’s
Jason G: Bass

Kingston Falls, out of Indiana, was a band I was turned on to a few years back. They have released 3 EP’s previous to signing with Strike First Records. I was happy to see them get signed and knew Strike First would provide them with a solid recording. A few of the tracks on “The Crescendo Of Sirens” I had heard before on their other EP’s/demos. The one thing I can state outright is this band has become less and less heavy turning to a increasingly more melodic sound since the first I heard them.

In this case I think it hurts the band. John’s vocals are brutal and raspy, at times reminiscent of Dan Weyandt, but can move to a deeper growl just as easy. Throughout listening to the cd there were plenty of times that I felt the vocals and the music didn’t match up at all.

For example in “Brutality And The Beast (Part 1)” there is a sung part which reminds me of a band I used to listen to quite a bit, that being Fenix TX. I couldn’t believe my ears. The song up to that point had been definitely more melodic, but I’d already dealt with that. When the singing hit I was astonished.

I’m confused as to why so many bands feel the need to add clean vocals to what would be an great heavy record. This band is a prime example of a band who should have stayed the metal course. There are plenty of points on this album which transcend the overall effort.

Most of the tracks are fairly similar and contain quite a bit of changes throughout. It was really hard to get a feel for it because it changed from brutal to overly melodic so much. Plenty of solid breakdowns throughout and these show the heavier side of the band. Also, spaced throughout are some metallish riffage but the majority of the guitar work would fit more of a Thrice and melodic hardcore type vibe. Not a terrible album, just not an album I can get into.

Standout Tracks:

“Alibi: Destroyed”, “The Weak Shall Prevail”

Overall Rating:

I personally can’t match the vocals with the music in this album. The music is just not brutal enough to match the vocals. John would fit much better with a more metalcore (ie Society’s Finest) or even straightforward metal band. If you separate the two I like them both a great deal… just not together. The band has either got to get heavier or they need to find a vocalist who better suits them.

Individual Ratings:

Album Art/Design: Dave Quiggle is the man and this booklet is another example of why I greatly respect his work. Nothing overly extravagant or amazing, but simply eye catching.

Lyrics: Another area where the metal comes out. The lyrics come across reading more like a metal release than the one that has been offered. I recommend, if you get a chance, to read through them. Lyrics are included.

Marketability: Obviously metalcore is an overflooded genre right now. I’m not sure with this release K.F. can really make a name for themselves. The live show may do better for them, but having never seen them I can’t judge on that.

Production: Has it’s highs and lows. I think a lot of it probably had to do with such a variance of sounds produced. Overall it’s pretty solid.

Vocals: I dig his vocal approach. John produces some brutal sounds for sure.

Similar To: Haste The Day, Society’s Finest

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