Album Review :
Kenosis - Transidentity

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Artist: Kenosis
Release: Transidentity
Label: none
Release Date: December 2010
Reviewer: BMer

Track Listing:
1.Kenosis 02:51
2.Outlook: Bleak 03:48
3.Transidentity 03:41
4.Doowop 03:23
5.Metaphor 04:13
6.True Revelation 04:02
7.Lyrical Kings 04:10
8.Sinsitized 03:03
9.Are You Ready? 04:23
10.Drowning Adam 04:08
11.Pattern 03:40
12.Cause and Effect 03:32
13.Under My King 02:50
14.Antithesis 03:10

Kenosis is a three-member hip-hop group from Ausitin, Texas. Their debut full-length is titled Transidentity, features fourteen tracks of theology-based hip hop. With smooth beats and a somewhat mechanical delivery, Kenosis have put together an album that any seminary student would enjoy.

After a generic intro, Kenosis roll into “Outlook: Bleak” with the opening hook performed by Dustin Curlee. On the surface everything sounds pretty good, sure the beats aren’t flashy or overwhelmingly creative, but the obvious point of Kenosis is the message, not making flashy music and catchy pop tunes. David Boone delivers the first verse and his delivery is very smooth and natural, a contrast to that of Cody Miles who comes across a little more stiff. “Outlook: Bleak” is one of the better tracks on the album, which is probably seven tracks too long.

There are a few moments through Transidentity that are very creative, but they are outweighed by generic rhymes and a weak delivery, most of the time the rappers sound like they’re just reading the lyrics. “Doowop” starts off strong with a fun hook, only to be replaced later in the song by a chorus, mimicking the doowop sample “do what, do what?” which is a little cheesy. “Metaphor” stands out as the most complete track, the hook performed by David Boone is smooth and catchy “love is a metaphor, I’ll never settle for / less than the best. Find rest in the quest in / Love. It’s metaphoric, I’m better for it. Dead without it, alive with it.” “Lyrical Kings” features the most emotional track, the most energetic beat and a guest appearance by Mista Min really hold the track up.

Lyrically Transidentity feels like a seminary project put together by a few students. There is very little real-world application or story telling. This is probably a breath of fresh-air to Christian music fans who are tired of hearing the same-old cliche Christian lyrics, shallow and uncreative, but outside of a Sunday morning church service this album will not make much of an impact. Most of the deeper theological ideas found throughout the album will probably go over the head of a non-believer, and maybe even most believers for that matter. Fun big words like “transidentity”, “epistemology”, “metaphysical”, “presupposition”, “exegesis”, “xenophobic”, “sedentary” and a few more take their place throughout, songs that an average listener will probably have to look up, if they get around to it.

OVERALL Kenosis obviously have a solid foundation of knowledge when it comes to the Bible. Songs like “Drowning Adam” and “Metaphor” put a fun lyrical spin on solid theology. Some songs have no impact whatsoever with their simplistic beat and predictable delivery while other songs offer a little more creativity. If you’re looking for hip-hop with more substance then you should check out Transidentity.

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