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Json - City Lights

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Band: Json
Title: City Lights
Label: Lamp Mode Recordings
Release Date: 7/20/2010
Reviewer: Jeremiah


1. Intro
2. City Lights ft. Trubble
3. Hustle City ft. Boxx
4. Snapshot (Interlude)
5. Peep Hole
6. Goon ft. Thi’sl & AD3
7. Parent Love ft. J.R.
8. What I Am ft. R-Swift
9. Hope U See
10. Love Like This ft. Thi’sl & Jai
11. Unexpected Happenings
12. I Am A City Light (Interlude)
13. Crank It Up ft. Pro
14. Pray For My City ft. Rio, Saved, Mike Real & Flame
15. Bout To Go
16. Heaven’s Runway ft. Fitzgerald

Json is a rapper born and raised in St. Louis Missouri. His third album titled “City Lights”, focuses on being a light in your city. As Christians we are called to be a light in a world full of darkness to show them who Christ really is. How is anyone going to get saved if the gospel isn’t preached and our words and walk don’t model that of Christ? Json calls us believers to be the light of Christ while telling the unbelievers that Christ can relate to them no matter what their circumstances may be.

The album starts off with an “Intro” about how Json wants to be a city light in the darkness of his city which then goes into the song “City Lights”. It’s a call for us believers to shine our light no matter what the cost. That we must stand firm in our walk and faith so our light will expose the unbelievers darkness. This is the song that sets the theme for the rest of the album.

Some tracks that standout include “Hustle City” which is about those who sell drugs on the street and those who don’t realize that every sin they commit will be accounted for. “Peep Hole” comes in with a gun shot blast and the beat bangs throughout. This song gives a new perspective on people who don’t understand how the gospel relates to them, like they’re only seeing it through a peep hole. “Goon” speaks to the thugs and dealers to let them know they’re made to worship Christ. The hook in the chorus sung by AD3 really draws you into the song from the start. “Parent Love” offers 3 different scenarios of parents being selfish and putting their wants above parenting their kids. It tells of how the kid needs their parents to parent them. “Hope U See” calls us to make a stand for our faith and to not be ashamed of the One who saved us. “Unexpected Happenings” shows us things that happen in life may not be fair and we may not know why they happen, but Jesus Christ is here with us. It tells us that God the Son came down and even died to bare our sins, that he understands what we go through, and wants to be there to comfort us when we go through them. In “Crank It Up” the line The world like keep quiet / get low about it / But you can nail me to a cross / And cut my throat up out it sends chills down my spine. “Pray For My City” features an array of rappers as they pray for their city (STL). “Bout To Go” is about getting ready to go to heaven and that we’re just passing through this world. “Heaven’s Runaway” features a house beat and makes it a fun song to dance to. It’s about longing for the day when we will be in heaven and won’t have to worry about hurt and pain anymore.

Overall: Json’s album “City Lights” has a genuine message broadcasting throughout with a bang from start to finish. The synths really give it a mainstream sound, but with a message that has the power to enrich peoples lives. This album gives people a positive alternative to the mainstream message of drugs, sex and violence that is decaying our generation. In this album each song seems to be told as a story people can relate to that conveys a message of the hope that is in Jesus Christ. So if you are looking for one hip-hop album this year, Json’s “City Lights” will not leave you disappointed.

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