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Jonezetta - Popularity

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Band: Jonezetta
Title: Popularity
Label: Tooth & Nail
Release Date: 10/3/06
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Welcome Home
02. Get Ready (Hot Machete)
03. Communicate
04. Man In A 3K Suit
05. Backstabber
06. Popularity
07. The Love That Carries Me
08. The City We Live In
09. Bringin’ It Back Tonite… Everybody Start
10. Burning It Down!
11. Imagination


Ty Garvey: Bass
Mick Parsons: Drums
Kyle Howe: Guitars
Robert Chisolm: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards

I was waiting for Tooth & Nail to swipe up a dance-rock outfit. Little did I know that they would pick up one of the best out there. They never cease to amaze me. Once again signing a group out of nowhere, they present the outfit known as Jonezetta. They have brought new wave back to life and gave it a modernized alt-rock twist. For most of you, you missed the new wave era (as did I but I’m an 80’s freak), so you’ve all been blessed with a second chance to love it.

Insanely fun and lighthearted, ‘Popularity’ flows from start to finish. Many of the songs seem to blend right into the next as if intended to be a continuous line. However, most tracks have their own perks and allow each to stand alone. Amazingly, the band presented an album’s worth of singles in their debut and have shown that music can once again be fun and creative at the same time!

Included are straight up keyboard-laced dance tracks like “Get Ready (Hot Machete”), softer almost indie ballads (“The City We Live In”), and everything in between. The production is phenomenal and mixed to perfection but doesn’t come across as overdone and fake. Each instrument was paid plenty of attention and came across the speakers exactly as they should. The band wisely kept an alt-rock base to the tracks as well as tossing in pop sensibility, which when combined offer a more rounded album. ‘Popularity’ is far more infectious than the majority of dance-rock out there and hopefully will replace most.

Overall Rating: I wasn’t sure what I’d think of this album. I had heard their independently released EP with just 4 demo tracks and I liked it but it didn’t fully hook me. I’m not big on this whole dance rock genre and I find it all too repetitive from band to band. I trust Tooth & Nail for the most part so I figured I’d hold off judgment til I could listen all the way through. Well I’m hooked now. The albums is chock full of catchy tracks, that once they get into your head they will not get out. This album certainly has the ability to propel this band to big name stardom if promoted correctly. I could see a bunch of these tracks being MTV “worthy” if you can consider that a worthy thing. This band could easily become T&N’s next big hit group!

Standout Tracks: “Get Ready (Hot Machete)”, “Man In A 3K Suit”, “The Love That Carries Me”

Recommendation: Go buy this now!

Similar To: The Killers, Brandtson, Franz Ferdinand

Tooth & Nail

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