Album Review :
Jake Hunter - The Life Project

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Band: Jake Hunter Band
Title: The Life Project
Label: N/A
Release Date: 2009
Reviewer: Jess


  1. A Project Called LIfe
  2. Sweetest of Things
  3. You Ruined It All
  4. Rhythm
  5. Refuge

My boss told me a relative of his wrote music. At first I wasn’t sure what he was getting at then he proceeded to ask if I was still “active” in the music industry. So he handed me a copy of Jake Hunter’s album The Life Project and here I am presenting it to you.

Jake Hunter Band breeds heavy influences of jazz, folk and funk into his acoustic project. (If you’ve heard The Wedding’s former bassist’s solo project Bear Mood, the style may bring a familiar resonance.) JHB’s no Capernicus, but he has certainly birthed a great collection of tunes. The album opens with a jazzy-soul feel with the track “A Project Called Life.” Track one was strong enticing selection. Track two “Sweetest of Things” has greater hints of piano and acoustic guitars, resembling acts like Shawn McDonald and Monk & Neagle.

“You Ruined It All” finds itself at the core of the album and is a personal favorite of mine lyrically. With splashes of funk guitar parts the track maybe the strongest in the collection. Everything I thought I knew Everything I thought was true, Didn’t mean a thing to you, You ruined it all, Everything I ever had I’ll give it up I won’t look back, You ruined it all. Shouldn’t God seemingly “ruin” our lives in the eyes of the world? It’s a very lyrically challenging piece.

“Rhythm”, fourth on the album, could be easily overlooked as very basic acoustic performance. JHB managed to incorporate subtle string instruments in the background which is a delightful change. “Refuge” closes out the EP. JHB reverts back to the soulful style that was found in the first track and leaves the listener hoping for a second release.

Hunter undoubtedly has talent.  His name owns most of the credits inside the CD jacket including production and mixing. A laudable detail is that all proceeds from album sales go to Okoa Refuge, an organization dedicated to “take their ex army vehicles into the bush to villages [in Africa] near the rebels and bring back as many orphaned, butchered, sick, children that they can.”

Overall: A solid album that provides comfort to your hears and to your heart. Jake Hunter Band goes above and beyond the calling of most musicians and attempts to make even a small change in the world through his music. With uplifting and reassuring lyrics and a unique blend of soul, funk and acoustics this solo musicians has great potential to make a mark in the business