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Impending Doom "Nailed. Dead. Risen"

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Band: Impending Doom
Title: Nailed. Dead. Risen.
Label: Facedown
Review By: JoshIVM


01. Left Behind
02. My Nemesis
03. In Reverence Of
04. Feeding The Decomposing
05. Nailed. Dead. Risen.
06. For All Have Sinned
07. At The Churches’ End
08. The Mark Of The Faithful
09. Condemned
10. Silence The Oppressors
11. He’s Coming Back


Brook Reeves: Vocals
Manny Contreras: Guitar
Greg Pewthers: Guitar
David Sittig: Bass
Andy Hegg: Drums

Finally one of the popular Christian related labels have ventured into more brutal forms of metal! Facedown hasn’t had a band this heavy ever, well possibly with the exception of Indwelling (RIP). The band has started their own form of music which they term “Gorship” and indeed this is a blend of worship and death metal. The style certainly isn’t for everyone, in fact isn’t probably for most people, but for those that love metal this will hook you and drag you into their world.

The intro to the album is a sincere prayer to God and truly shows where this band’s aim and hearts are. That fact alone could hurt them with some metal fans as they think Christians should not be involved in styles like this. The first track, “My Nemesis” pummels instantly and hooked me right off the bat and that basically continues until song 11 finishes. The groove will force you to bob your head along although the amidst the ferocity. This band has produces some of the sickest breakdowns of the year and for sure the show-goers will eat it up. At times I must say the unrelenting onslaught wears on you but then they’ll throw in something that keeps me listening. I have to also give props to the production team on this album. Albums in this vein never sound this good and that will also help the band to gain early steam.

The one real down side to me is the lack of variety from song to song, which has been covered before in this genre, and that is something the band will have to work on as they continue in their career. For example, instead of chugging away power chords the whole album, I’d like to see some more technical guitar parts. With the talent they show at the stage they’re at I think that is an achievable goal.

A standout on this album and one part I feared when reviewing the earlier demo were the vocals. They are hard to decipher although the pig squeals have been lessened a great deal. Brooks’ gutteral growl is one of the better ones out there and fits the insanity surrounding it perfectly but some people will not be able to take it. Keep in mind you will need to keep that lyric booklet handy if you want to attempt to follow along.

Overall Rating: This highly impressive debut has allowed the band to makes it mark. They are on the road nonstop and have been gaining support slots on bigger and bigger tours as they go. I am very excited for the future of this band especially seeing as they are quite young! Get to know this band now! (8.5/10)

Standout Tracks: “My Nemesis”, “Silence The Oppressors”

Facedown Records

Buy: Facedown Store

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