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I Still Dream - The Ghost EP

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Band: I Still Dream
Title: The Ghost
Label: N/A
Release Date: 2009
Review By: Stephen M

  1. Skyscraper
  2. You Are My Star
  3. Shadow Dance
  4. The Beauty and The Ghost
  5. Breakup Song
  6. At Dawn
  7. Oceans Away
  8. You Are My Star (piano remix)

I Still Dream is a man on a mission. This man’s name is James Dye. James Dye is the former vocalist for Christian bands SakeRed and SoulSick. I Still Dream can be best described as hardcore, electronica, dance infused music with a faith based perspective. I have never heard anything like this before, well frankly because I don’t like it. I have never been able to get myself into bands like And Then There Were None. I have tried and tried but could never catch the “dance fever”. This music is different though, James brings in some screams along with auto-tuned singing and beautiful piano melodies that create a distinctive sound.

The song “Skyscraper” is my favorite. It’s a fast, upbeat song that has yelling, screaming, singing, auto-tune, and catchy synthensizer melodies. The lyrics are based around the Christian God. An example is at the end of “Skyscraper”, “No more pain, I will resist. I’ll say no and clench my fist. O my God I need you. The only one who gets me through”. Some of the melodies I found repetitive and I get sick of auto-tune pretty quickly but I Still Dream has produced a diverse EP with a solid message and some catchy tunes.

If you are into dance/electronica/screamo music then definitely check this out. Normally I don’t listen to this type of music, but this was an enjoyable CD to listen to.


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