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Hooray for Love - Hooray for Love EP

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Band: Hooray for Love
Release: Hooray for Love EP
Label: none
Release Date: October 2010
Reviewed By: BMer


  1. Above the Sunset
  2. Wonderful Day
  3. See Your Glory
  4. You Are My God
  5. We Are Your People

Hooray for Love is a three-piece worship band from Houston, Texas. The band features a heavy electronica / pop influence, a very subtle yet solid style of electronic worship songs. The Hooray for Love EP has five tracks of hip worship songs full of beeps, beats, and synth, but nothing is driving or edgy, definitely not a techno/dance electric influence.

Lead by Zack Hendricks who has previously released his own solo acoustic/rock records, the vocals here are spot-on, the effects on the vocals are just that, effects, not auto-tune. “Above the Sunset” starts the EP off with an upbeat song of praise proclaiming “you are greater, you are stronger, you are marvelous.”. “We Are Your People” is a song of proclamation that features a fun lead melody. “You Are My God” is a slow, ambient song that could easily be played in a Sunday morning church service.

OVERALL Hooray for Love is making worship music more accessible to fans of electronic / pop music. Solid lyrics backed by subtle electronic based music, nothing aggressive or edgy about it, just another great style of worship music.

Get the album for free on noisetrade

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