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Haste The Day "Pressure The Hinges"

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Band: Haste The Day
Title: Pressure The Hinges
Release Date: 3.20.07
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Eye Of The Needle
02. Pressure The Hinges
03. The Minor Prophets
04. The Oracle
05. White Collar
06. Needles
07. Janet’s Planet
08. Servant Ties
09. Stitches
10. Vertigo
11. Akeldema
12. Eremus
13. Chorus Of Angels


Stephen Keech: Vocals
Devin Chaulk: Drums
Brennan Chaulk: Guitar
Jason Barnes: Guitar
Mike Murphy: Bass

Haste The Day is back with their third full length on Solid State Records. After the departure of frontman Jimmy Ryan, the future looked bleak for the band. His vocals definitely were a major part of the band’s sound and many feared it was the end for them. However, they were able to track down a more than suitable replacement, in Stephen Keech, formerly of the band New Day Awakening. Upon listening to NDA’s demos I knew he’d be a good replacement, but many still were unsure.

The acquisition of a new vocals seems to have sparked a few other changes within the band, especially musically. Obviously the most notable difference is the complete and utter switch vocally. Stephen’s vocals are more in line with many of today’s other metalcore acts. They come across “tougher”, yet more accessible, whereas Jimmy’s vocals were more brutal and “Weyandtesque”. This will be a major point of contention with fans. Many will miss Jimmy’s styling and many will prefer Stephen’s, but I feel that either side can and will still enjoy the album.

Musically the band still can be quite punishing in their more aggressive points. When combined with their expected melodic, and let’s not forget memorable choruses, this makes a dominating combo. “Pressure The Hinges” does showcase much more variety than past efforts, as far as melody goes. It has really stepped back from the constant heaviness and included more softer moments (aside from the normally less heavy choruses), as exemplified in “Stitches”. A quick listen to the beginning of each song on this album as compared to a similar listen of “When Everything Falls” (2005) will verify these changes. Upon listening you can still tell it’s Haste The Day, but a broadened, more rock oriented version. Intense breakdowns, which they’re known for, are still found, but are sporatically placed throughout. It’s still a heavy release, but more “mature” sounding overall.

Overall Rating: I was not expecting HTD to release this kind of album, but I’m more than happy that they did. With “Pressure The Hinges” the band sounds like they are opting for more of a rock approach, which I think will draw in more fans and possibly generate some radio play. Every aspect of song writing has improved all around, and the cleanly sung vocals & harmonization has improved as well. This quintet has offered up a highly enjoyable album and I could not ask for anything more in this release! (10/10)

Standout Tracks: “The Minor Prophets”, “Stitches”, “Needles”

Recommendation: Buy The Album & A T-shirt Too

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