Album Review :
Harmony - Chapter II : Aftermath

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Artist: Harmony
Album: Chapter II: Aftermath
Label: Ulterium Records
Reviewer: Stephen M

Harmony – the simultaneous combination of tones, esp. when blended into chords pleasing to the ear; chordal structure, as distinguished from melody and rhythm. Webster’s definition of Harmony explains the band better than I could. Everything the band does combines together to create harmony (pun intended).

Harmony is a band that sounds like Theocracy. They have highly melodic vocals, progressive guitar riffs, and neo-classical guitar solos. The first song “Prevail” starts off with a quick heavy hitting drum beat, followed by a guitar riff and a keyboard melody which all combines together for a full sound of metal at its finest. Harmony is good at building the songs up to their climax where there is either a killer solo or breakdown. “Hollow Faces” is a great example of their ability to build up to the solo, which consists of a finger picking guitar and piano. The piano is intricately combined with the guitar, creating an unexpected sound that is truly unique.

Similar to Theocracy, Harmony has very spiritual based lyrics – the chorus of the song “Inner Peace” – “Lord of all Lords. King of all Kings. Is there a place for me and peace, oh tell me please. Lord of all Lords. Throw me down I’m reaching for you and I’m on my knees” The lyrics are poetic and seem to revolve around a relationship with the Christian God.

Overall, the album has an admirable sound with satisfying guitar riffs and catchy choruses. If you liked Theocracy, definitely check these guys out.