Album Review :
Harbor & Home- Dark Days

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Artist: Harbor & Home
Album: Dark Days
Release Date: June 2014
Reviewer: Sara

Track Listing:

  1. Minnesota
  2. Sun Rays
  3. Headed West
  4. The Old Ground
  5. California
  6. Darling
  7. Dark Days
  8. Cars & Cigars
  9. Summer Lover
  10. The Man That You Know
  11. I’ll Be Around

The latest full-length offering from Minneapolis-based Harbor & Home feels like a patchwork quilt; it’s like that beautiful quilt that has been passed down through your family that you’re almost too afraid to use because it holds meaning but is so warm and welcoming you find yourself wrapped up in it again and again. But instead of fabric and thread, Dark Days is held together with well-crafted songs and an Americana pulse running throughout the 11 tracks.

Abundant gang-vocals, carefree whistling, pretty strings and gritty lead vocals are all a part of Dark Days’ charm. But don’t let the bells and whistles (literally) overshadow the fact that these songs would be sonically pleasing even if it was stripped down to bare bones. With a backbone of keys and guitar the album flows seamlessly from one track to the next. The record as a whole is fairly upbeat, gets the toes tapping, which is exactly what I want in my Americana.

Themes of growing up, understanding life, and love make up the lyrical content of Dark Days; themes that just about everyone can relate to. There is sure to be at least one line throughout the album that catches in your throat and tugs at your heart strings. Some of my favorite lyric choices on the album include “This life of fame and fortune ain’t for me…You take your cars and cigars, don’t hide from the man that you are, ’cause you can’t hold on to something you never had.” “There’s a hole in their hearts and it’s tearing them apart from you.”, and “Oh don’t you be so close, because I hurt the ones I love the most. And oh don’t you say my name, because I’m not the only one to blame.”

Overall: A consistent release from Harbor & Home. Reminiscent of NEEDTOBREATHE and Green River Ordinance with a sprinkle of Judah & The Lion. Perfect for sing-a-long around your next bonfire or a great gift for that music lover on your Christmas list. Keep your eye on this young band, they’re in it to win it.