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Gasoline Heart - You Know Who You Are

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Band: Gasoline Heart
Title: You Know Who You Are
Label: Mono Vs. Stereo
Release Date: 8/1/06
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Move Along
02. Cheers (Here’s To Life)
03. All The Way
04. When Big Girls Grow Small
05. Redlight, Redlight (Hey Baby)
06. Paralyze
07. Steam (A Well Dried Up)
08. Meet Me In Georgia
09. That Girl
10. Rumors, Rumors
11. Long Island
12. Kiss Off


Louis DeFabrizio: Vocals/Guitar
John Fortson: Bass
Jeff Irizarry: Drums, Vocals
Joey Bradshaw: Guitar, Vocals
Andy Simonds: Organ, Piano, Vocals

Gasoline Heart arose from the ashes of Squad Five-O and The Kick, both formidable names in the rock arena. Personally I hadn’t liked a SFO album since Bombs Over Broadway so I was hesitant to listen to GH, assuming they’d be following the same pattern. Well I was right, but was also pleasantly surprised that it was done much better this time. The gritty, classic rock sound is a welcomed sound to music today… A more focused adult sound with grasping lyrics and sweet melodies.

Rock anthems are the norm here. No, not arena rock like Queen, but intelligent, mature, and well written rock classics. The majority of the album follows a similar, simple approach. Songs like “Cheers (Here’s To Life)”, “Paralyze”, and “Move Along” are easy to listen to, even easier to sing along with, and will keep your foot tapping the entire time. The album grows quiet at times with songs like “When Big Girls Grow Small” and “Meet Me In Georgia”.

“Rumors, Rumors” was a standout track to me and really stood apart from the rest of the songs. The fiddle and mandolin, courtesy of guest musicians, really make it an outstanding track. Simple and beautiful! The buildup into the phenomenal “Long Island” is gradual and draws you in over time.

Standout Tracks:

“Paralyze”, “That Girl”, “Cheers (Here’s To Life)”

Overall Rating: The album that so many bands try to put out, but fail at doing. Gasoline Heart has captured true, raw classic rock n roll in it’s purest form and brought one of the best rock records this year. Gasoline Heart have waved goodbye to trends and opened the door to what makes American rock n roll great!

Individual Ratings:

Lyrics: The lyrical approach is personal and honest. The band certainly isn’t looking to take over the Christian scenes with titles like “Kiss Off” and references to smoking and drinking in their songs, and might be a hard swallow for some. [All lyrics included]

Marketability: Like I said above this is a new, fresh and welcome approach and certainly a relief from listening to the same music day in and day out. With a label like Mono Vs Stereo behind them, the band is bound for big things.

Production: Produced by Steve Albini means you know what you’ll get. He was able to truly capture the tone and feel of these songs and really helped pull it all together.

Vocals: Louis’ raspy and intense vocals at times go well with the rawness of this classic rock influence quintet. He also mellows into a softer croon, heartful tone as well. His vocals really bring the band to completion.

Similar To: Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, Soul Asylum, The Wallflowers

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