Album Review :
Future Of Forestry - Advent Christmas EP: Volume 2

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Artist: Future Of Forestry
Title: Advent Christmas EP: Volume 2
Label: None
Release Date: 11/2/2010
Reviewer: Jeremiah


1.  Joy To The World
2.  Do You Hear What I Hear
3.  The Earth Stood Still
4.  Angels We Have Heard On High
5.  Instrumental
6.  Pie Jesu

Everyone has a favorite band or two or three or whatever number it may be.  You’ll buy every album no matter what any person says, good or bad.  One of those bands for myself is Future Of Forestry.  I wouldn’t say that they’ve put out a bad album though Travel III was somewhat disappointing.  I heard they were putting out a second Christmas EP so the hype I would have normally had for an upcoming release of theirs wasn’t there.  And I’ll just say that I was glad I wasn’t hyped up.

Eric Owyoung is the singer and songwriter mastermind behind Future Of Forestry.  He never stays inside the box when it comes to type of instruments and sounds he uses for each individual song.  Some of the best songwriting and art produced through sound has come from his hands.  There is no exception when it comes to this latest release as well.

– This EP starts off with “Joy To The World” which sounds fresh compared to all the other versions I’ve ever heard.  I was pleasantly surprised when the chorus to “All Creatures Of Our God And King” was thrown into the middle of the song.  Electric guitar then comes in and finishes this song with an epic ending.  This is definitely my favorite version to date.

– Another refreshing take on and old classic is “Do You Hear What I Hear”.  The lush organic indie pop here drives this song.  Then out of nowhere electric guitar comes in and slams you into a wall.  Not hardcore style of course but it’s just unexpected.  Sleigh bells proceed with excellent back ground vocals that fit right in with front man Eric Owyoung’s vocals.  A little more guitar and then a peaceful and calm ending.  What a way to finish a song!  This is also my favorite version to date.

– The only original song on this EP (other than an instrumental) is “The Earth Stood Still”.  It’s driven by a basic piano chord but it compliments the rest of the orchestral sounds perfectly.  It leads to some sweet background ohhhs and guitar strumming towards the end of the song.

– “Angels We Have Heard On High” is driven by soft acoustic guitar throughout.  It didn’t blow my mind like the first 2 tracks but it’s still a nice and calming song to chill to.

– “Instrumental” is well an instrumental.  It’s kind of an interlude of sorts but excellently done.  The sound of a vinyl record accompanies piano playing  throughout as you hear someone walking down the street.  You then hear different motor vehicles driving by, even a horn.  As the song nears the end you can hear faint speaking in the background followed by more walking.  It’s almost like you can picture someone walking down the street, possibly homeless with no where to go on christmas day.  The person then stops and looks through the window of a house.  He/She sees a family enjoying Christmas dinner and then continues on their way.  Instrumentals are suppose to put your imagination to use.  For your mind to develop your own personal story through the sound of the music.  This is true musical art at some of its finest and it really took a firm grip on my soul.

– “Pie Jesu” rounds out this EP and I can’t think of a finer song by which to end by.  As far as Christmas songs go, it’s usually one that’s not covered a lot.  Beautiful organ playing starts off this song as it leads into layer upon layer of orchestral sounds. Eventually electric guitars come in that makes this into a slight indie ambient rocker.  The WOW factor has totally taken over my mind as this song closes out.

Overall: Christmas songs and albums come and go, year after year especially when it’s mostly the same boring covers of original classics.  The ones that seem to hold up are the ones that take you on a musical journey through the true meaning of Christmas.  This album is a true exception to the rule along with the first Advent Christmas EP.  Both are meant to accompany each other but this still holds its own.  If you want a fresh take on some Christmas classics or just excellent music in general then you can’t pass this up.