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From Beginning to End - In the Beginning...

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Artist: From Beginning to End
Album: In the Beginning…
Label: Wounded Records
Release Date:
Review by: Eric Pettersson

1. Guaranteed
2. Rain Down
3. Poured Out
4. Tears Revisited
5. In the Beginning
6. The Elevation
7. Touch
8. Better Than Before
9. Here We Are
10. Free
11. The Elevation (radio edit)

Starting in Illinois, and touring all over the nation, including stops at Cornerstone, From Beginning to End is a hard-working band with a mission. They will not pass up an opportunity to share their faith, be it in their bio or in their lyrics, and they attempt to fuse alternative rock and screamo into one listenable sound.

Debuting on Wounded Records with In the Beginning…, From Beginning to End leave a first impression like many bands asking to be your friend on myspace these days. The “Christian/ Rock/ Screamo” genre has been heard a million times before, and the recordings could use better production, not to mention a more captivating vocal approach. But there’s just something about “Guarenteed” that sticks. Maybe it’s the catchy guitar lines during the verses. And how could a band jump from the melodic alternative rock sound of “Touch” to the head-bobbing hardcore feel of “Free.” Then there’s the title track, a two and a half minute piano interlude. Something sparks an interest, a reason to come back. But despite its good moments, they are hardly worth waiting for through all the tracks that are still missing something.

From Beginning to End somehow take this genre and make it unique to themselves… at points. At times the musicianship is genuinely impressive and enjoyable. But the band is still in its early growing years, and they have yet to make the release that will launch their careers into the underground spotlight. (Not that spotlights are worth a whole lot anyway.)


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