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Flynn - Forever And Ever Amen

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Album:Forever And Ever Amen
Release Date:March 21,2008
Reviewed by:Caleb T

Track Listing:
01.Show And Tell Ain’t Til Thursday
02.The Red Song
03.Another Disguise
04.I Am Leonidas
05.Wasting Our Time Doing Something Worth While
06.She Taught Us How To Die
09.And My Eyes Fail

Quickly jumping to the front of the small but close knit scene in Upstate South Carolina comes Flynn. After nearly 3 years of seeing these guys grow as people and musicians, I finally had their debut full lenght Forever And Ever Amen in my hands. And I was a little excited to say the least. After going to the cd release show and being one of the first to own the record, I quickly hurried home to give it a listen all the way through; And I was not disappointed.

The album starts off with a steady sound of chimes before quickly bursting into the song immediately setting the pace for what is to come. The record continues onto The Red Song which is one of the more energetic tracks on the entire cd. The song reminds of that we can’t fight through the day without the help of the Lord. It’s a great example of the love God has for us. As the song goes “Your love is so unfailing, your love will never fail.”

Next up is Another Disguise. This tracks serves to remind all of the girls that you deserve to be treated with respect and encourages them to not fall into the traps and lies of this lustful world. Track 4, which is properly named I Am Leonidas, is an anthem for the spiritual war that Christians go through on a daily basis. Even though the enemy is sometimes ourselves, God continues to protects us.

The cd slows for a bit with track 6. She Taught Us To Die was written in honor of Hannah Sobeski. She was a senior in high when she was diagnosed with a very rare type of cancer. Despite her struggles she continued to praise the Lord because of the work he had done through her. She still remains an inspiration to young adults and adults across the southeastern part of the United States.

After Life and one of my personal favorites Victory the cd comes to a conclusion with And My Eyes Fail. Taken from Psalm 69, the song is a cry for God help to pull us up when “the waters have risen to our necks.” This song is a great one to end the cd leaving the listener with the security of know that God is always there to pull us from wherever we are in life.

After finally listening to the cd I had been anticipating for so long, I was truly amazed. The lead vocals of Justin Burns mixed with the clean vocals of Jay Arrington really set the cd off and carry it until the end. Johnny Burns and Jay Arrington add some nice touches on guitar that send some songs over the top. Taylor Cash on drums help keep each song on track and and a backbone to each song. Newly acquired bassist Andrew Brower is a great addition to an already sterling line-up.

There are only a few issues I had with the release. The first one being that I wished the vocals were done a little differently on a few songs. However, the only reason I probably noticed it was because I have been watching these guys for years and I can tell differences in their voices. The other complaint I have was it was too short. It would have been nice to have maybe2 or 3 more tracks to keep it going on a little bit longer, but these are all minute issues. I am truly pleased with this release by Flynn. The guys in this band are great people but more importantly they are great Christians with a passion for sharing the love of Christ. They are on stage for one reason only and that’s to praise and honor God’s calling. Although, it doesn’t hurt that they get to have a little fun on the ride. With a new album in the early stages, expect even bigger and better things on the next release from Flynn.

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