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Flee the Seen - Doubt Becomes the New Addiction

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Band: Flee The Seen
Title: Doubt Becomes The New Addiction
Label: Facedown Records
Release Date: March 14th, 2006
Review by: Josh Indie Vision

01. Celebrate The Static
02. Wardrobe Full Of Fiction
03. Do You Think Dallas Is Still In The Slammer?
04. I’ll Be Back On Sunday
05. November 5th
06. Wire Tap Out
07. Broken Thoughts Of Praise
08. Walking Past You
09. Right Before You Disappear
10. Start The End Again
11. 300 Voices At Liberty Hall

*Kim Anderson: Bass, Vocals
*RL Brooks: Guitar, Vocals
*Manuel Sanchez: Guitar
*Aaron Crawford: Drums

This four piece, formed in 2003, had independently released 2 EP’s and made a name for themselves around Kansas City, where they are from. They won a bunch of awards there and have continued to gain momentum since then. The first time I heard Flee The Seen I listened to a small portion of a song and turned it off. I could not believe this was Facedown’s new signing. I was confused. FTS was certainly not the norm for a Facedown band and I’m not a person who enjoys change. The next few months brought forth more and more promotion and making them the next big thing. I still wouldn’t change my mind. Then the release came in the mail and I knew I was going to have to listen through it to give it a review…

The opener surprised me. I dug the sound, a frantic intro mixed with female screams which fit well. That feeling quickly gave way when they offered a breakdown, which could only result in a laugh. It just didn’t seem to fit because they are not a hardcore band, they are an all out rock band.

Oh well, I moved on to “Wardrobe Full Of Fiction”. Kim’s voice is very unique. It doesn’t offer the typical girly polished sound. Her’s is easier described as raw and passionate and even brutal at times. All her vocal stylings can be sampled on the first track. She has one of the best screams, coming from a girl, that I’ve heard in quite sometime. The back and forth vocal approach is impressive.

“I’ll be Back On Sunday” brings RL to the forefront to show of his vocal abilities. Kim, who retreats back to a more girlish pop vocal, and RL go back and forth throughout this track. It’s a different sound completely than the last two tracks. More pop oriented than indie-ish frantic rock.

“Wire Tap Out” is the first single, which they’ve also released a video for. This song shows off more of her singing again, which I prefer second to her screaming. It is a solid track however although shows less of the side of the album I enjoy.

“Broken Thoughts Of Praise” is a great song. I prefer RL’s singing vocals and Kim’s screaming when they are working together. Mixing the two vocals is a powerful, upbeat song with intense drumming, crazy guitars, and driving bass! They have another breakdown in this song. It is a bit of a different sounding breakdown for sure. Not as out of place as the first, it still didn’t blow me away. However, it fit their style well.

“Right Before You Disappear” features RL and Kim using clean vocals over the top of another poppy rock track. I think I might have chosen this for the first single but what do I know?

Standout Tracks:
“Wardrobe Full Of Fiction”, “Do You Think Dallas…”, “Broken Thoughts Of Praise”

Overall Rating:

I have to definitely give it up to Flee The Seen and to Facedown. They saw what I wouldn’t have. This cd is more, no far more, than I ever expected it to be. While it wont top my lists for the year it is a worth release and worth checking out. If you’re looking for a hardcore band look elsewhere, because that isn’t what you’ll get here. What you will receive is a solid debut and an expansion of Facedown’s usual sound. I do have a feeling the album, or parts of it will continue to grow on me. I would recommend for everyone to check them out on your own. No matter what your feelings are initially, this band may just blow your preconceived notions away once you give it a chance!

Individual Ratings:

Album Art/Design:

Very dark layout. I like the pictures on the inside. Not as impressed as I thought with Quiggle at the helm. All lyrics included.


The lyrics are the type that I do not enjoy as much but that artsier folk will enjoy. Kim leaves a bit of mystery in it and makes you have to think about it. There isn’t too much relationship type stuff on here but then again the interpretation could be different. So that is a nice change of pace from many indie bands.


I think this cd will attract more fans to Facedown than Facedown will attract to the band. Basically stating that Facedown/Strike First’s fans usually are the hardcore crowd and this cd may not catch on with them. However, as this band gains more fans (not to mention amazing reviews), they should attract more people to check out Facedown bands. I like their touring schedule. They are doing all kinds of tours with different bands and that is the smartest route for them. They don’t really have a niche so best to play to different crowds. All that said, this release could sell more than any of the other releases from Facedown because of the audiences it could reach.


The production is quite standard. Nothing I can think of to complain about.


At times I think Kim has a wonderful voice but occassionally I dislike it. Both screams I think are great. RL’s clean vocals are enjoyable and I hope to hear more of them in the future.

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