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Fixed til Tuesday (I Am Terrified) - Aww Son EP

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Artist: Fixed til Tuesday (now known as I Am Terrified)
Album: Aww Son
Label: None (Independently Released)
Release Date: 2006
Review by: Eric Pettersson

1. Hul Kogan’s Seven Second Apocalypse
2. O’ How Constant
3. May Kills the Calendar
4. Red Basket Club
5. And Souls Sing

These are the moments that I love writing for Indie Vision Music. Sometimes a CD will be sent my way, and I can scarcely think of a thing to say about, let alone a reason to listen to more than the first three tracks before taking it out of my player and throwing it into the woods, hoping to forget its memory forever (yes, there have been albums that have made me want to do this). Then there are days that I get albums like this one in the mail. Now, I had never heard of Fixed til Tuesday before, and the cover art was not very conclusive, although I eventually decided it would probably be some gritty, heavy southern rock. And to a degree, I was right, but blowing away my expectations, Aww Son was so much more.

This EP is bone-crushingly heavy with guitar squeals and solos and pounding double bass (used in intelligent moderation, thank God), yet it also contains a healthy dose of clean vocals that are usually quiet catchy and melodic. When the album opened with drums and guitars reminiscent of As I Lay Dying, track three, “May Kills the Calendar,” brought a shocked smile to my face with a melodic and harmonized first verse that sounded more like it belonged to a screamo band on Victory Records. And the best part is that it all fits. From the guttural growls to the high pitched shrieks to the clear singing. From the head banging to the hardcore dancing to the standing up front singing along. The lyrics touch on salvation (“Hul Kogan’s Seven Second Apocalypse,” “And Souls Sing”), looking to God for help through struggles (“May Kills the Calendar”), the change from sin nature to new nature brought by Christ (“O’ How Constant”), and spiritual warfare, including the final punishment of Satan (“Red Basket Club”).

Fixed til Tuesday, blasting out of Birmingham, Alabama, offer more variety than a typical restaurant’s appetizer sampler. For a metalcore record, if you want to trap it to such a genre, Aww Son is incredibly melodic, at points, without compromising the heaviness one bit. It is catchy, and you will not be able to resist a little head banging or shredding out these solos on your air guitar. As I bring this review to a close, I must also mention that this EP was released in early 2006, and since then, Fixed til Tuesday have changed their name to I Am Terrified.



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