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Fires Of Babylon - Fires Of Babylon

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Artist: Fires Of Babylon

Album: Fires Of Babylon

Label: Metal Heaven

Release Date: April 25th, 2008

01. Falling To Pieces
02. Devilution
03. When The Kingdom Comes
04. Lake Of Fire
05. Holy Resurrection
06. Going Through Changes
07. Lazarus Rising
08. Revolution Coming
09. Generation Of Destruction
10. Castles Are Burning

FIRES OF BABYLON is classic 1980’s-style, shredding heavy metal reincarnated! I`m a big fan of the 80’s shred with the lineup of some skilled musicians including guitarist Lou St. Paul (WINTERS BANE), vocalist Rob Rock (IMPELITTERRI, Driver, Rob Rock), bassist Kelly Conlon (ex-DEATH), and drummer Robert Falzano (SHATTER MESSIAH)…The only reason I got this album was purely because Rob Rock was on it. So when I popped it into the cd player it only took one listen and I was impressed.
Lou St. Paul displayed his excellent songwriting skills, playing great riffs and shredding solos over intelligent, well-thought-out lyrics. The lyrical themes are about relationships, struggles and triumphs, political commentary, and Biblical world views.”
Some of my favorites off this album are “Falling to Pieces”, “Lake of Fire and “Revolution Coming.” This is heavy melodic metal at its finest! I would recommend it to anyone especially the Rob Rock fans out there!!!!.


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