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Fireflight - The Healing of Harms

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Band: Fireflight
Title: The Healing Of Harms
Label: Flicker
Release Date: 7/25/06
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Serenity
02. Waiting
03. You Decide
04. It’s You
05. Star Of The Show
06. Liar
07. Myself
08. Something New
09. Attitude
10. More Than A Love Song
11. Action


Dawn Richardson: Vocals
Glenn Drennen: Guitar
Justin Cox: Guitar
Wendy Drennen: Bass
Phee Shorb: Drums

Fireflight, a band coming out of Orlando, formed five years ago. They quickly became popular in the local rock scene and began to venture out further and further. The band has grown tremendously since their original full length was released. They released an EP “On The Subject Of Moving Forward”, which was produced by James Paul Wisner (Dashboard Confessional, Underoath, New Found Glory). In this EP they really solified their style and began to be appealing to major markets. A few of the tracks on “The Healing Of Harms” can be heard on that EP (“Call” now called “Serenity”, “Liar”, and “Waiting”) With the help of Night Vision Management they landed a deal with Flicker Records and the rest is yet to be seen.

Choosing not to start off with an intro was a nice treat. Alot of bands these days are going that route and while sometimes a good idea, most times it’s just a waste of time. Fireflight instead decide to show you what they’re made of right at the get-go. “Serenity” kicks things with some straightforward sonic, melodic rock. Justin Cox (guitars) throws in some yelled bgv’s in timely places which help to increase the intensity of the track. “You Decide” begins off hard and crunching but gives way to a
combination of more soothing vocals from Dawn and co-vocalist Josh from Day Of Fire.

“It’s You” even mellows things out further. It’s nice to see a female rock vocalist that doesn’t have a whiny sound to her. Dawn instead has an amazing voice with good range and she definitely stands out! “Star Of The Show” is led in with acoustic guitar work for a bit but then turns into a worshipful anthem.

“Liar” is probably the heaviest and harshest track on the disc. It features guest vocals from David of Kids In The Way, who surprisingly fit the track quite well. In it the drums and bass are pounding and deep.

Ringing and driving guitar, thunderous drums, and deep bass lines lead the musical onslaught while Dawn’s intense and soaring vocals round out the sound. Throughout the album you’ll hear glimpses of modern rock, screamo, and even some nu metal but the band creates a sound of their own. They at times have the intensity of Flyleaf, but offer better vocals. This is an extremely tight musical offering and a must have for any rock

Standout Tracks:

“Waiting”, “Star Of The Show”, “Myself”

Overall Rating: I was pleasantly surprised that this album was poppy yet hard at the same time. Many times bands, especially in Christian circles, will opt out of going heavier so that they can receive airplay. Fireflight instead makes music that they want to. Poppy, aggressive, hard, and appealing, an amazing label debut by an extremely talented band!!

Individual Ratings:

Lyrics: Dawn’s (with collaborators) lyrics seek to help those in need and seeking answers. Her approach is direct and bold. Some topics covered within are: when we come to the realization that only God can handle a situation (“Waiting”), worship (“It’s You”), what happens when we accept Christ and turn from self (“Myself”), and a calling out of those who use Christ for gain (“Liar”).

Marketability: Everyone likes something different and surely the female vocalist in a harder rock band will certainly benefit them. They will receive much more attention because of it. Musically it’s a standout album as well! Hopefully, you will be hearing them on modern rock radio very soon. I see nothing but big things ahead for these guys!

Production: Skidd Mills handled production on this album and you can hear his professionalism shining through. He has worked with other artists such as Saliva, Skillet, and ZZ Top so you know he has talent. I couldn’t find anything to pick out in the entire album that stood out to me. I’m utterly impressed!

Vocals: Dawn has a great ability to create soothing vocals and quickly go to a harsher, bolder side. The guest spots by Josh (Day of Fire) on “You Decide” blend quite well as does the visit from David (Kids In The Way) on “Liar”. They complete these songs and make them all the better. Dawn has one of the more enjoyable “chick-rock” voices out there.

Similar To: Flyleaf, Inhabited, Evanescence, Paramore

Flicker Records

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