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FFH - Wide Open Spaces

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Band: FFH
Title: Wide Open Spaces
Label: 62 Records
Release Date: November 10, 2009
Review By: Steve
Track Listing:
1. Undone
2. Hold On To Me
3. Wide Open Spaces
4. What It Feels Like
5. I Don’t Care Anymore
6. What If Your Best
7. The Time Of My Life
8. Stop The Bleeding
9. Who I’m Gonna Be
10. Jesus Give Me Rest

FFH (Far From Home) is a contemporary Christian music duet out of Franklin, Tennessee. They used to be quartet but now it is just husband and wife, Jeromy and Jennifer Deibler. Wide Open Spaces is their first release since 2006, and since then, times have been rough for this couple. During that time Jeromy was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, they moved to South Africa and back, and had their second child. I would say that is a good reason for not putting out an album in a while.

FFH has always been one of my favorite CCM bands. I don’t listen to it much but I have always been a fan of “Lord Move, Or Move Me” and “Fly Away.” This album does not stray from any of their previous albums. One thing I noticed and was pleasantly surprised was to see Jennifer take the lead of three of the songs on the album. On almost all of their previous albums, Jeromy has taken the lead on all the songs. I am more familiar with their popular songs so I do not know if this is common or not but I enjoyed the mix because it gave me something new.

This album is like a storybook of the struggles this family has gone through the past few years. The opening song “Undone” sings about surrendering all to God even in rough times and the first single “What It Feels Like” is a humbling song about what it is like to be completely broken but still feeling God with you.

Overall: This is a solid comeback album from some CCM greats. If you loved their previous stuff then you will definitely love this album. Knowing the background behind the songs also makes the songs that much more moving. Please check out FFH and support their music. Remember to keep the Deibler family in your prayers.