Album Review :
Farewell Flight - Sound. Color. Motion.

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Artist: Farewell Flight
Album: Sound. Color. Motion.
Label: Released Independently (but paid for by Mono Vs Stereo before they “folded”)
Release Date: August 19, 2008
Reviewer: Eric Pettersson

1. Lullabye for Insomniacs
2. Widower
3. Over
4. Indianapolis
5. Phones
6. Sailors Mouth
7. Begin Again
8. America
9. Cruel
10. The Usual Vernacular
11. Slow

A soft, clear tenor wades over rolling acoustic guitars as “Lullabye for Insomniacs” begins. As the tempo picks up, so do the complexity of the instrumentation and the details of the lyrics, which relate the depression and bleakness found in looking to alcohol as a way to cope with relationship problems and loneliness. This fantastic first track opens Farewell Flight’s latest album, “Sound. Color. Motion.” These lyrical themes seem to show up in many of the songs throughout this somber but catchy indie-pop record that would easily appeal to fans of Death Cab for Cutie, Jack’s Mannequin, Bright Eyes, and maybe even Copeland. Imagine what The Rocket Summer might sound like if Bryce Avery were known for his melancholy attitude rather than his joyful one. Vocalist Luke Foley’s swirling voice is accompanied by piano and some electronic elements, along with crashing cymbals and guitars that most of the time seem to prefer to be picked than strummed. Farewell Flight are the refreshing sort of band that breathes new life into my hope for good music to come out of my home state of Pennsylvania. With melodies and intricacies that haven’t been heard too many times before, working hand in hand with lyrics that are wonderfully poetic yet staggeringly honest and up-front, “Sound. Color. Motion.” has easily earned its spot on my list of albums in regular rotation.


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