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Family Force 5 "Business Up Front...(Diamond Edition)"

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Band: Family Force 5
Title: Business Up Front, Party In The Back (Diamond Edition)
Release Date: 3.20.07
Review By: JoshIVM


01. Cadillac Phunque
02. Kountry Gentleman
03. X-Girlfriend
04. Drama Queen
05. Put Ur Hands Up
06. Love Addict
07. Earthquake
08. Replace Me
09. Lose Urself
10. Peachy
11. Supersonic
12. Numb
13. I Love You To Death (Bonus)
14. Face Down (Bonus)
15. Never Let Me Go (Bonus)


Solomon Olds (aka Soul Glow Activatur): Vocals, Guitar
Jacob Olds (aka Crouton): Drums, Vocals
Joshua Olds (Fatty): Bass, Background Vocals
Nathan Currin: (Nadaddy): DJ, Keytar
Derek Mount (Chap Stique): Lead Guitar

I have previously reviewed the regular edition of this album which can be viewed here. This is a short review of the special edition’s 3 bonus tracks.

The boys in FF5 are back with a special re-release called “Business Up Front, Pary In The Back (Diamond Edition)“. The first track “I Love You…” is much faster than the rest of the album and possibly the heaviest track (during a few parts). Incredibly catchy, as is to be expected with this group. The second song “Face Down” is a solid electro-rock track. It contains a huge radio friendly chorus and is written dealing with pride. This song and the last one, “Never Let Me Go“, are both a bit more serious in tone. The last song gives off an old-school Michael Jackson “Thriller“/”Beat It” vibe at times. The chorus follows the group’s normal pattern of turning it up, for a more rock oriented approach, during the choruses.

Overall Rating: If you haven’t purchased the album yet I would recommend getting this version instead. The 3 extra tracks are a great inclusion on the already impressive debut. They’ve been an enjoyable addition to my collection, which really doesn’t feature many groups like this. (9/10)

Standout Tracks: “I Love You…”

Recommendation: Buy The Album Now


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