Album Review :
False Idle - Threat

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Artist: False Idle
Title: Threat
Label: Thumper Punk Records
Release Date: May 14, 2013
Reviewer: Jessica Cooper

Track Listing:

  1. Sideswipe
  2. On Tomorrow
  3. Facade
  4. One Cause One Fight
  5. Among the Dead
  6. Land of Me
  7. Threat
  8. A Tension
  9. New Brand of Revolution
  10. Retaliate
  11. Where Do We Go
  12. In the Dark

For someone who grew up with bands like Take It Back!, Blink-182, and Dogwood, I can really get behind False Idle. Threat was produced at Blasting Room Studios where a huge number of awesome punk albums from bands like Descendents, Good Riddance, and Rise Against were produced, and it’s easily one of the best punk releases of 2013 in my opinion.

There are elements of every song on this album that exude the positivity, energy, and straightforwardness of punk and make it an all-around great collection of music. False Idle does a great job of writing songs that are easy to relate to. “New Brand of Revolution” addresses apathy in a very basic manner that is rooted in so many different biblical truths:

“The answer is a simple one / Offer up a helping hand / Feed the hungry and clothe the poor / A smile and an open door / A picket sign won’t change the world / A child doesn’t need another war / Cry with those who shed a tear and let them know that help is near / That’s what people really need to hear.”

Of course, what’s punk without a good brotherhood anthem? “One Cause One Fight” is a high-energy track on Threat that is really encouraging as well as easy to sing along with:

“We’ve all been left out in the cold / It happens more than it gets told / No one wants to feel like that / Like everyone has turned their back / The bond we share is strong and true / You stand for me and I’ll stand for you / I see your pain, I feel it too / You know I’ve always got your back / And I’ll stand beside you on the front lines.”

Overall: False Idle does it right with Threat by covering every basic aspect of punk rock: speed, length, message, and staying true to the core of its purpose. Every track on this album is good, simply put. I’ve been really impressed with a lot of the stuff that Thumper Punk has put out recently, and I’m excited to see more great music from more great bands like False Idle. Check them out on Facebook and download this album here.

RIYL: Authority Zero, Rise Against, Good Riddance, Dogwood, and Anti Flag.