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Fairweather Fan - The Ghost of Honesty

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Artist: Fairweather Fan
Album: The Ghost of Honesty
Label: Wounded Records
Release Date: April 2007
Review by: Eric Pettersson

1. Better Way to Make Mistakes
2. I Can Carry You
3. Dress Rehearsal
4. Of Life
5. What I Wouldn’t Give
6. Second Chance Summer
7. Watch Out for Strangers
8. Meaning of Haste
9. Unpleasant Forecast
10. The Ghost of Honesty

In all honesty, the first few listens of this disc were not impressive. Another young band with semi-decent melodies and a desire to be catchy. But closer listens brought more attention to things like the rough-around-the-edges sound of “Second Chance Summer” with grittier vocals on the verses. As a whole, Fairweather Fan play pop rock with the typical energy and electric guitars. However, this energy is not a sugar-driven fast-tempo energy, which is fine, but it too often finds itself becoming a boring mid-tempo in the disguise of an energetic track , begging to be slowed down to a ballad or cranked up to a real rock song. Luckily though, this is not the whole album, and songs like “Unpleasant Forecast” handle an impressive amount of energy, and songs like “The Ghost of Honesty” show mature song writing and smart pop singing in a more slowed down environment. Thus, Fairweather Fan’s debut shows several good signs, and with a tighter more experienced sound, including a little more technical instrumentation, they could be on the way to myspace’s next big discovery.


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