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Fair - Best Worst Case Scenario

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Band: Fair
Title: The Best Worst-Case Scenario
Label: Tooth & Nail
Release Date: June 6th, 2006
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Monday
02. The Attic
03. Carelessness
04. The Doubfound Game
05. Pause
06. Grab Your Coat
07. Bide My Crime
08. Get You Out Alive
09. Cut Down Sideways
10. Confidently Dreaming
11. Blurry Eyed
12. Unglued


Aaron Sprinkle: Guitar & Lead Vocals
Erick Newbill: Guitar & BGV’s
Joey Sanchez: Drums & percussion
Nick Barber: Bass & BGV’s

Aaron Sprinkle is a name that many people will recognize. Musician, producer, and many other things he has certainly established himself in the Christian music scene and abroad. I’ve followed him and his projects for quite awhile (since the Poor Old Lu days) and thankfully, he has stepped back onto the band scene as lead in Tooth & Nail’s newest offering, Fair. Skillfully building off his previous endeavors comes “The Best Worst-Case Scenario”.

To be sure, Aaron, has a unique voice that seems to always grip me and completely sweeps me into his world. “Monday” is a perfect opener, with it’s epic bridge, that completely hooks me.

“Carelessness” brings forth a sound that, if you’ve been keeping up with Aaron’s recent releases, will seem familiar. As I said before, this album is a building off of former sounds and this is a perfect example. A nice melody, with a basic strummed guitar pattern keeping the flow, backed by solid bass and drums.

“The Dumbfound Game” shows off Fair’s rockier side with a nice rhythm switch and following groove. “Pause” once again mellows things out to a nice, slow melody. Piano plays a prevalent role in this track and really makes it stand out.

“Bide My Crime” definitely offers a indie pop track that could certainly receive tv show background airplay and possibly even some indie radio stations. It’s always hard to tell what radio will do. This is a great drum lead track, which sets the up tempo step. The verse leads way to a more rhymthically flowing chorus with an epic styled chorus.

“Blurry Eyed” is a very simply textured track. Aaron’s vocals mixed with a bit of guitar, complemented with strings. A really beautiful arrangement which stands out amongst the other tracks.

Standout Tracks:
“The Attic”, “Unglued”, “Bide My Crime”

Overall Rating: The album comes off as a mixed of sorrow, yet the savory vocals and perfected indie pop approach really bring an uplifting emotional response. A great cd to go for a drive with and do some thinking. One of the top releases overall this year and hopefully this is just a sign of more to come!

Individual Ratings:

Album Art/Design: The scenery pictures in the background of the lyrics really fit the feelings & emotions presented throughout this album. It’s a soothing release great for anytime listening.

Lyrics: I enjoy Aaron’s lyrical writing style. The subjects tend to be about love and tend to show off true sadness in others.

Marketability: I feel one of the best releases for Tooth & Nail this year and might appear on my top lists overall. (Which by the way, is odd because I’m more into metal and stuff than this. Just shows how truly amazing this album is) However, as you probably have seen there are other bands really controling their advertising as of late. It’s too bad because I feel this release is better!

Production: No complaints that I can think of. I like how the low end was covered well.

Vocals: Aaron’s unique voice is always a welcome one in my stereo. Nuff said.

Similar To: Jimmy Eat World, The Academy Is, Snow Patrol (Thanks to Brandon for the help in this category)

Tooth & Nail


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